Thursday, September 2, 2010

Avatar is a fraud! "I don't know if we're crazier for letting you do this, or if you're crazier for thinking you can do this." an unnamed Fox executive speaking to the director of Avatar

  "I fear that you may perhaps be indisposed to the performance of this enterprise; And that I alone shall suffer for so grievous a crime; But they answered him and said, 'we all swear, and bind ourselves by mutual execrations, that we will not change our intention, but execute our projected undertaking.' They then swore all together, and bound themselves by mutual execrations."  From the Book of Enoch

  "Throughout all the symbolism of masonry, from the first to the last degree, the search for the WORD has been considered but as a symbolic expression for the search after TRUTH."  Edward L Hawkings

"And it must be understood that a prince (or King of the World)....can not observe all those things which are considered good in men, being often obliged, in order to maintain the state, to act against faith, against charity, against humanity, and against religion."

   The purpose of this blog is to illuminate how the movie Avatar (2009) simply could not exist in it's current form without the permitted use of the novel Bishop's Gait (2003). Therefore the Avatar-themed attraction at Disney World is based off of a plagiarized movie and equally illicit.   

  This is a sick tale of illegitimate wealth.
  Athena Press, the former publisher for Bishop's Gait, went into voluntary liquidation several months after I contacted them regarding the following issue. There has been no disclosure about the Athena Press liquidation because the liquidation of Athena Press was done under the name of Wilbury Solutions LTD. An interesting statement from the liquidator - "During the course of the liquidation, the Liquidator, with the assistance of Ward Hadaway Solicitors, investigated the possible recovery of monies PAID INTO FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNTS by the authors, which was not listed on the Statement of Affairs. Despite numerous requests by the Liquidator, evidence of these accounts was not provided either by the directors or their accountants.
   As the directors no longer reside in the U.K., and have not provided forwarding addresses to the Liquidator, there is no likelihood of the recovery of these monies." I.E. PANAMA PAPERS (or Mossack Fonseca papers to be polite to Panama)
   Athena Press was apparently more concerned about choosing from the long list of American attorney's to help them launder their bribe money ("therefore we must not stop at bribery, deceit, and treachery when they should serve towards the attainment of our ends") then about any consequences that may arise from breaking U.S. copyright law.  Because every indication is that U.S. copyright law is the most useless entity ever devised by civilized humanity.
  Could the director of Avatar's (2009) abrupt and disjointed comment during a Gamespot interview about "during the making of the film somebody selling the rights off in some sleazy manner" pertain to this hideous situation?
   Athena Press was a joint-venture publisher based out of the U.K (London).  The same country (London) where a swirling tempest of perverted filth surrounds the Murdoch media empire as being a highly corrupt conglomerate for it's fair and balanced approach to phone-tapping and bribery. The same country (London) where the premier viewing for Avatar (2009) was shown. The same country where the ex-Prime Minister not only looks like and sounds like the director of Avatar (2009), and shares his last name, but whose appointee was exposed whoring it up with the Fox Whorehouse.  This is the same director who has a plagiarist past, and the same name, London, ON, where the Avatar themed Cirque Du plagiarist tour kicked off.  Is it not strange that 20th Century Fox should have landed the movie Avatar (2009) considering what lies on the pages ahead?
  It has been brought to my attention that Athena Press, despite the language in the contract that we both agreed to, which stated that "The Publisher shall take all necessary steps to register record and protect the copyright on behalf of the author," and "The Publisher shall deliver two copies of the book to the Library of Congress of the United States of America," and they shall obey "the definition of the Copyright Law of the United States of America and related laws contained in title 17 of the United States code," never actually went through with any of this, even though the copyright symbol and warning as to this symbols legitimacy clearly exists on the appropriate pages. 
  Also, according to the United States Copyright Office, "all works under copyright protection that are published in the U.S. are subject to the mandatory deposit provision of the copyright law." The "mandatory deposit applies to works first published in a foreign country at the point at which they are distributed in the U.S. in the form of copies that are imported or are part of an American edition." Furthermore it states that "in general, the owner of copyright or the owner of the exclusive right of publication in the work has a LEGAL OBLIGATION to deposit in the Copyright Office, within three months of publication in the U.S." the necessary copies. The signed contract has an address assigned to Brickell Bay, Miami, Fla, U.S.A., even though the book was first published in the U.K.
  What this all means is that not only was the contract was breached, but Athena Press broke a U.S. copyright law. Though this fact has escaped the attention of the liquidator of Athena Press, Silke and Co., and a new publisher called G2rights LTD, who is also based out of the U.K., and who is currently in possession of and continuing to try and sell this contraband despite the evidence of the contract's invalidity.
  A first version of Bishop's Gait was registered with the Library of Congress back in January of 2000 by myself preceding any involvement with Athena Press. And the U.S. government can place sanctions on any country that fails to protect a federally registered U.S. copyright.
  By registering a book before it is published this is supposed to assign something called a 'presumption of validity' in legal talk to everything being brought forth concerning this issue.  Because it becomes 1/2000 vs 12/2009. Who knows if these "floating fragments" of "this movie I had in my head for most of my life in some form or other," as the director claims, the story of which he "massaged" into the movie Avatar (2009) will ever materialize.   
     First, here are some interesting characteristics attributed to the Greek Goddess Athena, all of which are very relevant to the indictment which follows thereafter.
   She was the Goddess of war, protector of heroes, and defender of walls, fortresses and harbors.  She did not love war for it's own sake, but recognized the advantages that it could bring to the state.  Industry and invention were also under her care.  She could bestow youth and majesty on her favorites with a staff, and plague with storms on her enemies.  She was the Goddess of wisdom, and she had the ability to assume several different appearances as if in disguise.  In one case she helped Odysseus, who was bent on revenge, by concealing him in a cloud so he would not be recognized.
   The movie Avatar (2009) promotes a heavy military-type theme.  Many advantages could be derived from certain industries by a steady influx of new recruits by glorifying war. The target audience for this movie would be right in line.  Clearly the original appearance of Athena Press no longer stands as it once did.  Perhaps this was their disguise for feeding another agenda that was not to be recognized. But it does make sense in any business to choose as the name or image of their company an individual whose life's alignments would meet desired requirements. 
   Athena Press was previously known as Minerva Publishing Company.  Their symbol was the owl.  Minerva was the Roman version of Athena, both of whom held the owl as sacred.  And both Athena and Minerva are representations of the earlier Egyptian earth mother goddess Isis. The advertisement that I acted on for the Minerva Publishing Company was found in an American Legion magazine, just as if these criminals were trying to scam some old war veterans.
   And yet the most astonishing part of all of this is that Athena was responsible for maintaining the authority of law, justice, and order in the courts.  Is the modern day form of law, which requires supplying an attorney a blasphemous and outlandish sum of money for representation, one of Athena's creations of bestowing favor and protection on her favorites?
  An esquire is defined as a shield or armor bearer.  It makes little sense how the nearly twenty or so attorneys that have been contacted about this issue would each 'deflect' this issue off in their own way when something called 'statutory damages' would apply.  Up to $100,000 if the plagiarism is proven to be willful in intent, which the following pages will clearly demonstrate.  This means that the attorney's fee's would already be paid for because all requirements would have been met by the copyright being registered when it originally was.  The legal system is maintained through tax dollars yet gaining access to it is only through these privatized and clearly derelict avenues.      
   And all of the comparisons that follow have evidently passed the 'ordinary observer test' due to a recent review of Bishop's Gait.
    Lastly, in 1737, in a speech to a congregation of freemasons in Paris, a knight of the order of Lazarus, named Andrew Michael Ramsay, admitted, in what was later to be known as the Ramsay Oration, that the roots of the masonic movement had originated from the mystery school's of Goddess worship.  The director of the movie Avatar is a 33rd degree freemason, or Sovereign Grand Inspector General, which is supposed to be the highest level achievable within that organization.  All degrees past the first three original ones are superfluous and unnecessary and could not be better described than "an occasion of expense to their dupes, and an abundant and lucrative resource for those who make a profitable traffic of their pretended instructions." "The first degree will be subordinated to the second, that to the third, and so on in order to the sublime, Thirty-third, and last, which will watch over all the others, will correct their errors and will govern them...". - *(A section at the end of this blog has been devoted to deciphering the symbolism in Athena Press's emblem.)
   Now, on the following pages, as far as proving that the source of power for the story for the movie Avatar (2009) came from Bishop's Gait (2000-2003) very little of relevance has been left out.
  If you were to read Bishop's Gait (2000-2003), which I am the author of, and then watch the movie Avatar (2009), one will notice strikingly similar events taking place.
  In Bishop's Gait, as well as the movie, there is the capitalist intrusion into a resource abundant land in which a conflict occurs between the indigenous people to the extent to which the capitalists need to confine themselves to a compound type of living within walls or fences.  The main character in the book, Seldom, has to travel a great distance in the beginning of the story to get back to his home which is in the surrounding hills around the walled city.  On this journey at one point he needs to tree himself because of a pack of roving wolves. There are references to packs of wild dogs on (pages 60 and 68.) The main character in the movie also travels a great distance too in the beginning of the story, though he goes to the walled city (or compound). At one point in the movie he too gets attacked by a roving pack of wild dogs.
  As soon as the main character in the movie gets to the walled city (or compound) he attends a rousing speech given by the leader of this place which is designed to rally the troops about all the dangers that lie "outside that fence". I would easily credit this speech to one of the many that Hanus Skeemer gives in the book, (pages 56 -59, 76 - 82, 91 - 92) where he denotes his concerns about what lay "outside these walls".  The producer of the movie in the capturing Avatar segment makes reference to the time and place "where he makes his first speech," indicating that this character is set to make even more speeches. Both Hanus in the book and the character who is Hanus in the movie are introduced in setting where they can overlook, i.e. a balcony/tower.
  It has been admitted at Avatar wikipedia, that "the director of the movie rewrote the script to combine several of the characters". The capitalist who gives this speech in the movie would more resemble the militarist character, Uptite, in the book, though their version of Hanus Skeemer does exist, Hanus and Uptite have been given more of an even role in the movie, and Uptite has been given more of the colloquial duties. The character who I believe would be playing Hanus in the movie is still airy and condescending, and at times can be very treacherous in his approach to dealing with the indigenous.
  It also stood out how in this speech he points out that the bows of these indigenous warriors are made from "naturally occurring carbon fiber."  In Bishop's Gait, it is referenced, probably too many times, how Hemp is used in virtually every object that the indigenous use.  It is a conflict between a "weaving culture, and one with a high level of technology," as the director admits in the capturing Avatar segment of the DVD. This would point to the ideological comparisons between the two projects, because they would be "exactly" the opposite of each other.  The book promotes hemp and agrarianism and represents primarily the indigenous side, the movie promotes technology and corporations and represents primarily the capitalist side.  These different means will lead to the same end however. This will be covered more later, as what I would call the agenda filling scenes.
   When Seldom enters the forest for the first time on his return journey home, he is on a path and is described how "he once again became aware of his senses" (page 23). When the main character in the movie goes outside for the first time in the outdoor pen at the base as the indigenous alien he clearly acts to this effect, I believe, as exactly described in the writing.  This character then joyfully kicks up dirt on a path.
   When the Trudy character is introduced  in the movie, she states that she needs the main character to accompany her on a mission due to they're being a man short.  When Brosaline is introduced in the book she is asked to accompany a delegation "due to an unforeseeable occurrence, another representative from the village will be needed."  Brosaline comes from Lideria, the village in the sky.  She has this conversation in the view of an "awesome series of snow capped mountains off in the distance."  The movie has mountains which float in the sky.  (pages 43 - 46)
   There is a very rare and precious metal (or mineral) discovered, or already known to be in the ground, that is highly prized and sought after by these capitalists and seemingly in possession of the indigenous.  This is the main theme and driving force for the make-up and conflict of the entire story in both the movie and the book. The descriptions given of this metal on (pages, 27, 127 -128,) would match that of a superconductor, capable of creating a 'maglev effect' which is what it is described as being in the movie, because this metal resists and repels everything.  This metal or (mineral) is what the indigenous use for arrowheads in the book, and the air surrounding it in flight actually squeezes it and helps to push it along. 
  There is a betrayal which occurs of one individual who goes from one side to the other.  In the movie their capitalist character, who is also the main character, infiltrates the indigenous population.  He essentially plays both parts of the characters Selowt and Seldom in the book throughout the movie. In the book, the indigenous character named Selowt simply switches sides and goes over to the capitalists. This character in both cases gives precise and valuable information about how to gain access to this metal.  And it is stated in both cases that the militarist character acknowledges all the valuable "intel" (language used in the movie) or "information" (language used in the book) that this character provides for the purpose of this end.  The end result being in both cases is that the indigenous people get screwed and displaced over this metal (or mineral).  In both of these instances the character doing the betraying gets accepted and is shown the ways and customs of the group he is entering.  (pages 35 - 43)
  Within the indigenous population in the book is a group of a highly adept warrior class, who are experts at understanding, using and traversing the forest, which also hunts developers, poachers and miners, which is the same as the movie. They provide the only barrier to a capitalist takeover. (pages 11 - 13)
  In the movie, a small group of capitalists embark on an expedition to collect biological samples and data from the forest.  In the book, a small group of capitalists embark on a special mission to collect samples of rock which contain particles of this highly-precious metal in it, so they can best determine the location of this metal. In both cases, the character Selowt, or who would be the character Selowt in the movie, because some of the characters have been combined, take part on this mission (page 51 - 55).  It is interesting, because in the book these sample-takers need to quickly flee because they get attacked by the indigenous warriors.  In the movie, they get attacked by some creatures, yet only the main character (who would also be Selowt in the book), flees. 
  The first creatures to disrupt the sample taking venture in the movie were described to be involving themselves in a "territorial display".  Their herd runs off when they see the black cat-like creature emerge.  This is the creature which causes the character in the movie to run.  In the book, two tigers get into a battle over territorial issues, and they ultimately extinguish Seldom's fire by rolling over it.  One tiger runs off.  The running character (main character) in the movie soon switches into what Seldom does in the book.  In the beginning of the book, Seldom finds himself alone in the forest on his return journey home (pages 25 - 29).  Night has descended. He resets his arrowheads, listens to the many different forest sounds, and builds a fire.  The main character in the movie after fleeing at this point, is alone in the forest at night, sharpening a spear, listening to the forest sounds, and building a fire (a large torch).
  What would be the next day in the book, Seldom finds himself walking through the forest into what would be an ambush site (pages 32 - 35).  It is stated how he "most likely walked right underneath some of them when I entered into this field".  The main character in the movie walks right underneath the Neytiri character who is plainly trying to ambush him.
  Soon after this point, when night descends, the main character in the movie gets attacked by the wild dogs, as he reveals them with his torchlight.  He then gets severe assistance in saving his life from the female indigenous character whose name is Neytiri. This part is similar to the part in the book where Seldom meets up with the very strong female characters Alindas and Zoel (pages 108 -118), who are part of the indigenous population and could be characterized as being almost human because their eyes would at times become "luminous as giant fireflies", and "flickering", and who could also possess the same physical capabilities as the indigenous in the movie.
  In the capturing Avatar segment of the movie, Robert Stromberg describes the introduction of the "bio-luminescence" activity of the landscape at this time.  That would mean the creating of light without heat.  The word "luminous" may not apply exactly correct, but the mention of fireflies would, as they can create light without heat.
  In the book the bodies of these two females are described as being "svelte", "fit", "sleek", "feral", and "exotic", and they both "possessed an exotic type of beauty that would be intimidating under normal circumstances".  Combine this with the fact that Bishop, who is a tiger character in the book, is somewhat compatible to these two women and their clan, would help to explain why the indigenous people in the movie have an almost-human, big-cat like appearance.  The director of the movie in the capturing Avatar segment admits to the "cat's ears, cat tails, and feline nose".  These physical characteristics are something he admits to just have "arrived at".
  Also the director admits that "the blue part for the aliens was never in question."  This is also like saying that everything else about makeup of these aliens at one time was in question.  Attention to the fact that a Halloween decoration of a standing skeleton man which was placed under a black light was uploaded to my MySpace page somewhere back in 2006 which strongly resembles the color that these Navi characters take on should also be used as evidence. MySpace is/was owned by News Corp.
  The Navi characters in the movie are nothing more than a combination of the three types of characters that are left to fight the capitalist invasion in the book, which would be the big cat, Alindas and Zoel's clan, and the indigenous warriors.  The writing in the book describes the culmination of all three of these characters which happens virtually in a very short span coming together like this - "but Seldom knew that if they formed an alliance (with Alindas and Zoel), along with Bishop, he would have acquired some imposing allies" (page 117).
  Bishop acted as a wall to prevent Alindas and Zoel from attacking Seldom.  The extremely svelte and exotically beautiful female Navi character acted as a wall from preventing the wild dogs from attacking the main character in the movie.  She even hisses, with ears back like a cat in this scene, and then extinguishes Seldom's fire.
   Mention of this extraordinary similarity between the two types of characters in the movie and the book was brought forth by Laz Alonzo in the capturing Avatar segment. He plays one of the indigenous warrior characters.  He states that, "They (the indigenous warrior characters) only exhibit speed or power when they absolutely have to.  Until they explode.  When they explode they move like the wind".  Here is the character Zoel from the book speaking to this effect, "In our village, we have always regarded the tiger as the most supreme of all beings.  We believe that we have been graced with part of this animal in our spirit.  We don't know why we act the way we do, and it takes many cycles to control the urges.  But we only act that way when we feel we are left with no other option" (page 130).  And something else from earlier in the book states, "They (Alindas and Zoel) possessed incredible speed, because they'd covered all that ground just as if they had flown it" (page 113).
  The main character in the movie after this incident asks this female character "what's your name?"  As if reciting. Seldom in the book asks the female characters, "do you speak" as if reciting. To both questions the exotic, sleek, fit and female character(s) act unfazed.
   There is another part in the movie which would correspond to the book at this point.  As the main character and the Neytiri character begin to 'travel together' in the forest after she saves his life, the main character then gets attacked by some members of her village.  He falls hard to the ground in a punishing fashion with two encumbered limbs. They coral the main character along and parade him in front of the rest of their village because he ultimately needs to be judged by their leader as to his worthiness.  Neytiri explicitly says, "this is a matter for their leader," before they rush him away. In the book, the characters Jesterin and Ashord ultimately get corralled and paraded through the streets of Hindrats.  All the while they are receiving some punishing blows then crashing hard to the ground with two encumbered limbs by some guards in order to be judged for their crimes (pages 201 - 218).
  The capitalists in both the movie and the book brazenly cut a path through the dense forest directly to a very sacred place to the indigenous in both cases.  In the movie it is towards a sacred tree, (though in the movie it was admitted that "the dozer's will be moving in on the spot where the metal is in three months") in the book it was towards the warrior's sacred mountain (where this metal is located). There are large machines employed and great pains being taken in order to achieve this end.  The indigenous warriors in both cases are caught in the path of this destructive swath. (pages 106 -107)
  There is a very large tree described in the book which holds great significance in relation to where this metal is located, it plays the role of a marker, as it is a plot on a map in finding some of this metal.  There is very large tree which sits atop this precious metal in the movie, which also serves as a marker, and also the high-up home of the indigenous characters.  At the point in the book where these indigenous warriors are literally standing in the shadow of this gigantic tree, they are witnessing a incredibly massive flock of flock birds infesting the area.  This is how the writing describes this scene - "The entire area swarmed with these flock birds, and every tree in the immediate vicinity 'HOUSED' more than what should have been expected of them.  Their 'AERIAL COMMUNITY' could land in any area they wanted, and the locals would just have to deal with them until they left" (pages 258 - 262).
  Both the tree in the movie and the drill in the book get shot up terribly, as streaks of light follow these projectiles in both cases as they spiral into their target (pages 282 - 285).  Both the drill and the tree crash thunderously to the ground.  The proximity of the metal (or mineral) to both the drill in the book and the tree in movie would be the same.
  And I noticed that the movie does have its version of a giant drill which "feverishly whirls away" (pages, 162, 196), and "patches of the drill's prior activity scarred the hillside in several salient spots". This happens more towards the beginning of the movie.
  The tree in the movie does take more direct shots than the drill in the book.  However, if one were to read the part in the book where Larden's hut gets shot up, which does take most likely as many shots as this tree, this may explain why at the end of this scene in the movie the old man, who is the indigenous leader, is lying wounded and near death on the ground.  The tree was the indigenous leader's home. Larden, who is the indigenous warrior leader in the book, was in the same state after his hut got shot up.  The old man in the movie gives his bow to his daughter before dying.  Larden gives a map to his distant relative, Seldom, before he dies. (pages 151 - 156)
  There is a deliberate attempt in the writing of the book to omit certain words from being used and an emphasis on using others in there place, to where it can be argued that the characters in the story do have there own language just like in the movie.
  There is a huge emphasis on nature and spirituality by using otherworldly and grandiose nature scenes, this point pervades profusely both throughout the book and the movie as if one is being oppressed by the landscape.  All the landscape features are large or grand.
  In the book there is one very vivid dream scene which takes place, and several other parts where the mystery of sleeping and dreaming is emphasized and expounded on as the characters sleepily drift off into what would seem to be another world or another existence.  The word "dream" appears nine times that I counted in this context, and a character falls asleep or some mention is given to sleep being received or lacked twelve times.  The main character in the book could be described as being somewhat of a dreamer.
  In the movie this is a large part of their story as well, and the main character in the movie at one point states that "all the days are blurring together", because of his constant and hurried pace.  Seldom maintains a relentless pace throughout the book because of all the walking and hiking he has to do, and it is described how he becomes worn down and he begins loosing track of the days.
  The director states in his 45 page on-line declamation defending Avatar, that "it must be stressed that the operator of the remotely controlled body, in the film Avatar, is not asleep or dreaming."  Although in the capturing Avatar segment he states that "we wanted it (the movie) to have a kind of dream-like quality." Also, at the beginning of the movie the main character states that he "had strange dreams while he was in the V.A. hospital," and again later he states that "in cryo you don't dream at all." When he first uses the machine to control the avatar humanoid in the movie there are two instances where rapid eye movement is emphasized, and he needs to be sternly revived when this session is finished as he is clearly unconscious.  These humanoid avatar's are referred to as "dream walkers" twice by the indigenous.  The main character states that, "I was a warrior who dreamed he could bring peace.  Sooner or later though we always have to wake up." At another time the main character declares that "in here is the dream and out there is the real world," and later on he needs to embark on a "dream hunt" or "dream quest" to be accepted by the clan, and the scenes have a tendency to switch over only after one of these avatar humanoids goes to sleep.  And the muscled militarist says to the main character near the end of the movie that, "You think you're one of them, time to wake up."
  There are many different references to birds in the book, such as the flock birds which take up residence in the very big tree, Larden's hunting bird, crows, ravens, ducks, geese, the small colorful and mirthful birds in Hanus's private park, the thousands of soaring birds in pursuit of the fallen sun, and the dozens of hawks which circled and swooped high above the Great Peat Moss Forest.
  The bird-like creatures in the movie are found in an absolutely identical (pages 121 - 131, 138 - 161) type of landscape as the Great Peat Moss Forest in the book. The reason why several of the characters in the book enter into this forest is to speak with Larden, who is a bit of a recluse.  Directly before the dialogue in this scene in the book takes place, three entire consecutive paragraphs are devoted completely to illustrating this bird activity (page 142).  It is Larden's hunting bird, which is an eagle, which descends from it's lofty realm and deftly lands on it's perch to give shrill shrieks to announce his presence and to introduce this scene.
  The bird-like creatures in the movie must be domesticated or subdued before the Navi can fly them. And although, again, in his online declamation defending Avatar, the director describes how originally he wanted these creatures (the banshees) to be a type of "manta ray".  Yet for some reason this turned into, as the explanation part of the DVD describes, wanting these "banshee creatures to resemble a bird of prey, like an eagle".
   The numerous references in the book like "connecting with this great land" - "all of our roots lead back to this great land" - "all one with the weeds" - "the web that supports us all" - "make it appear as if he too had roots", - is the reason why the indigenous characters in the movie literally plug themselves into the animals or the trees.  And taking a closer look at the tips of these tentacle-type appendages which protrude from the characters which they then connect themselves to an animal or landscape feature, will reveal another distinguishing characteristic that, again, intrinsically ties the basis for the story to the movie Avatar directly to Bishop's Gait.
  In a response to an Entertainment Weekly question regarding the latest lawsuit against his movie by a British artist, the director states "back in my pot smoking days" he may have noticed this individuals artwork.
  The reddish-orange, curly-haired tips of these tentacle-type appendages in the movie are in fact a play on the reddish-orange, curly hairs which thrive on a marijuana bud indicating the time to harvest.  This is a point that's H.A.A.R.P.'ed (refer to the director's interest in placing a satellite in space) on continuously throughout Bishop's Gait.  The choice to name the planet Pandora in the movie is no coincidence.
  In the book a small group of these highly adept warriors embark on a special mission to obtain weapons which will be needed in the final conflict with the capitalists. On this trip a bridge of fallen logs needs to be crossed.  What I originally thought was a fallen log that the characters cross in the movie was discovered to be actually a collection of vines twisted together, because, again, the landscape that the banshee creatures are found in the movie is absolutely identical with the Great Peat Moss Forest in the book.  A great deal of space can be devoted to writing down all of the similarities which occur in this part of the movie concerning this landscape, which at this time I simply will not be doing.
  The characters who take up this journey in the movie ultimately end up domesticating one of these bird-like creatures which in the end is used as a weapon in the final battle with the capitalists.  In both the movie and the book the main character is involved in this journey. 
  It is also happens that the healing tree in the movie is discovered by the capitalists to be in this "craggy and scaborous" landscape. The saying "to protect and preserve the sights from which we draw our power" also happens in this part of the book (page 125). The banacour trees in the book produce a healing effect as tasting the sap from them, as described in the writing - "...could only be described as experiencing a burst of life.  It couldn't help but bring a smile to someones face".  And in the writing it is mentioned how the indigenous characters believe "all their roots lead back to this great land".
   The characters in the movie when involved with this healing tree seem to become covered in roots bringing them back to the land, and they only seem to need this tree to "create a burst of life." There are other similar descriptions amounting to this type of reaction to these trees which would have their own healing properties as well, and which grow in the Great Peat Moss Forest in the book.
  In the movie an attempt was being made to break out of the walled city by several of the characters who were being confined.  The leader of which was the strong female character Trudy.  It has been noted in a bio of the director that he prefers movies with strong female characters. 
  This part in the movie would also be another exact resemblance to what happens in the book, because Brosaline, who is one of the main characters, leads this harrowing attempt with several of her accomplices who were being confined for a period (pages 201 - 218). At one point both Brosaline/Trudy give stiff jabs to someone who tries to get in their way. They successfully flee and go to a secret camp or hideaway in the forest, which would be the same as the movie. Numbered spots are given to hideouts in the forest in the book (pages 196, 232, 237)which is the same as the movie.
  There is a  motivational speech given in the movie which was spoken by the main character when he was in indigenous form to the indigenous people intended to spark a level of enthusiasm for the coming battle with the capitalists.  The character giving this speech in the movie would not be the same as in the book, though this character in the book was indigenous and of a leading stature.  But the timing of it, and it's content and rousing capabilities was astonishing in it's resemblance to the one given in the book. And the words "brothers and sisters" are used in both.(pages 266 -271)
  When the big tree gets shot down in the movie the indigenous people seek revenge and a battle occurs.  In the book after the big drill gets shot down the capitalists seek revenge and a battle occurs.  There is mention in the movie how these indigenous use a "mountain retreat" for safety, or from which they will begin their attack.  In the book, the Grandview Plateau, which is a mountainous landscape, is where the indigenous warriors make their final stand.
   An army of indigenous was said to be "massing" for the the final battle in the movie.  This collection of attackers was displayed on screens within the militarist's complex by the use of orange, flame-colored images to display their concentrations.  These images made the forest appear to be on fire in numerous places.
  From the book, just as the capitalists were massing for the final battle, "stretched throughout the forest below hundreds of their campfires glimmered. The light that leached up through the many trees, irradiated the entire forest for quite some distance, and the puffy treetops resembled clouds floating over the Hindratian's fiery hell."
  This battle scene in the movie is also very interesting in its similarities, because there would be the initial rush or first stage when it seems that success is occurring by the attackers. In the movie it's the indigenous attacking, in the book the capitalists. Then there is somewhat of a lull when the attackers get repelled horribly.  After a brief time the battle resumes again, this time ultimately leading to a total defeat of the capitalists in both instances.  (pages 311 - 328)  The character, Uptite, in the book, and the character who would be Uptite in the movie (the muscled militarist), both die in this final battle.
  At the end of the movie all the capitalists are expelled from the planet, which is precisely what happens at the end of Bishop's Gait.  All of the capitalists are forced to stream out because their walled city has been destroyed.  (page 329)
  Next up, out takes and deleted scenes.
  Very soon into the alternate beginning, virtually the very start of the movie, the main character is watching a television where Bengal tigers are on and being described as making a comeback.  "(?)!!!!!!!"   Unfortunately, these tigers "were cloned back into existence at the Bejing zoo."  There are a few genetic/DNA types of references in this movie.
  Soon after, the main character in the movie finds himself involved in a rowdy bar scene.  This would also represent the beginning of his journey in the movie, and also in a very populated area.  Seldom, in the book, starts his journey in Ersterone, which is described as being populated to the point "where one was always within fifty paces of someone else."  Seldom too finds himself in a rowdy bar scene at the very beginning of the story (pages 17 - 21).  And in both the book and the movie an individual gets "corralled" and "ejected" from this bar.
  It is described at the beginning of his return journey how the tiger is viewed by himself and his chosen companions as the ultimate being (pages 23 -25).
  Something else which takes place at this time is when Seldom is in this bar with festive dancing and smoking and drinking occurring.  He is with a small group that is gathered at a table, when a giant hooka and some sticky buds are delivered.  Seldom listens to a man at the table say something he (because of his nature) would strongly disagree with.  For the sake of peace he doesn't respond to what this man says.
   In one of the deleted scenes in the movie, there is a scene where festive dancing and drinking is occurring by the indigenous.  A group of these characters are gathered together when some intoxicating substance is delivered to them indicating they are taking the heavy stuff.  The prop these people use to ingest this substance, because it wasn't put into the computer generated effect, i.e. they weren't blue aliens but just human characters in suits, so the prop also wasn't disguised, looks exactly like a bong.  And not a beer bong.  Then the character Grace says, 'watch that stuff, it will put you into next week."  This would match the description of the buds the characters in the book were about to ingest.  Then when one of the indigenous warriors in the movie says something to the main character that he would strongly disagree with, because of his nature, and he just let's the comment go unanswered.
   There is a scene in the out-take or extended part of the movie where some of the indigenous characters enter an abandoned school.  It is described as "being a storage area now".  The scenery of its dilapidated state would best be described by the writing in Bishop's Gait.  Because for a brief stay, a small, crumbling, abandoned town is entered by some of the indigenous warriors who by similar comparisons with the movie are acquiring "gear" or "sacks of gear" from a storage area, and who are in a rushed or hurried state.  This same statement is made by one of the characters in the movie at this time when she tells them to "hurry and keep up".  (pages 285 - 290)
   There is another scene in the extended movie where some of the indigenous warriors have attacked a mining operation.  It is at night and a large, raging fire burns from several of the bulldozers.  The scene seems to be one of both chaos and celebration.  In Bishop's Gait, the town of Knotrock experiences a type of riot when it is discovered that the capitalists have overrun the land.  There is mention in the book of how large, flickering bonfires flared up which illuminated the entire area within the town and the scene is at night and described of one being of both celebration and chaos.  And not only that, but the day after all the tumult is described similarly in both instances, "a rebellion in remission", because in the book and movie smoke slowly rises from the burnt-out wrecks and debris and bodies are strewn about either from inebriation or possible death. It was mentioned earlier how the indigenous warriors in the book attacked mining operations.  (pages 84 - 90)
   In the deleted scenes, the main character in the movie has to embark on some type of dream hunt to be accepted by his clan.  He is somewhat distraught and torn because he seems to realize that he really doesn't have any particular tie to either the capitalist side or the indigenous side because he wants or has to ultimately betray both.  This is the same dilemma that the Selowt character in the book goes through.  Because after the capitalist's discover that he has been keeping a secret from them concerning some of his former brethren, he realizes that he really has no home because he has ultimately betrayed both.  (pages 225 - 232)
   Just before the big battle in the deleted scenes in the movie, the character who would be Uptite in the book (the muscled militarist in the movie) is approached by some dissension concerning how he plans to carry out the battle.  It appears to be a pesky disturbance to him.  He grabs this individual and it is focused on how he is so war-hungry that his eyes hold "tints of insanity".  In the book, the character Uptite is approached by some concern on the future conduct of his attack just before the big battle, he does not grab the individual before him but he is so blind and war-hungry as to ignore this advice and it is mentioned how his "eyes hold tints of insanity".  (pages 313 - 315)
   The capturing Avatar segment of the DVD goes into great depth about the "technical side and the design side" of the movie.  Also, there are extensive segments about the visual side of development, the dialect that needed to be created for the characters for their language, the lavish scenery which needed to correspond to the vivid and descriptive language of the book, how the characters in the movie needed to walk to appear realistic for their parts, the costumes, which needed to appear "organic and tribal matching the the philosophy of the people", as the director puts it, though shouldn't he mean the philosophy of the aliens?  There is the wonderful RCS camera system, which is what I think this movie was all about, the army of animators and their roles and creations, the orchestras and many different singing techniques used for the music end, the choreography for the dancing scenes, and ultimately the production of the movie.  Absent greatly, however, is any mention of the writing or WHERE THE STORY CAME FROM! Where so and so was when this idea for the story occurred, or what inspired that part.  Because ALL of the above mentioned segments for the creation of this movie can't have any purpose unless there is a story to base themselves around.
  The director of this movie claims to have written the script 12 years ago.  From Scriptment Wikipedia, it says, "The scriptment for Avatar (2009) was 80 pages, and reportedly the director wrote in just two weeks". The wikipedia Avatar website says it was "rewritten" rather recently.  And from another website for an Avatar global media day, the director is quoted as saying, "It's all about servicing the story and putting the characters up on the screen."  Servicing, according to the dictionary, is the performance of maintenance or repair work to make useful, where replacement parts may be necessary.
  With ample amounts of agenda filling scenes taking place in both cases, the movie is fanatical to the right and was used as a military recruiting tool and to glorify corporations.  While the book is fanatical to the left and tries to emphasis the importance of using hemp and leading an agrarian-type lifestyle and anti-poaching efforts (how many animals were stabbed in this movie?), as well as revealing how money and religion are nothing more than methods of group control.  The movie takes place in the future, the book takes place in the past.  "An old-fashioned jungle adventure, with an environmental conscience that aspires to a mythic level of storytelling," is how the director describes it.
  In the book the indigenous have the better weapons where in the movie it's the capitalists who do.  And the way the scenes move from the city (or compound) to the forest, or from the mechanical and arbitrary to floating freedom so on and so on.
 Apparently Avatar was in 3-D, so not only did the people have cumbersome glasses on their faces, but they were being overwhelmed with special effects which served no other purpose but to bury the story. And it was PG-13, which further distanced the likelihood that I or someone who may have read my book would make any effort to see it.  PG-13 means a movie for a thirteen year-old.

-  "They wouldn't even tell me what the project was.  I had no idea!"  Yuri Bartoli

 - "I saw this little glint in Jim's eye, and I knew he was up to something.  But he didn't tell any of us.  He didn't tell me."  Josh Mclaglen, 1st assistant director

-"What's it about? The big questions of why.  Not just how you're going to do it, which of course you have to do.  But you have to know the whys.  Because that's what motivate you to actually inspire this army of people".  Rick Carter

-  "They didn't tell me about the script.  They didn't tell me who the director was."  Jake Skully ( this was the main character in the movie)

-  "Jim said that we would solve our last problem on the last day we deliver the movie.  And that held true."  Landau (By Athena Press neglecting to register the copyright they believed this would be the case.)

All of the following quotes are from the director from an interview with
-  "If you think of it as something that's sort of coauthored and parallel there's a lot of cross-talk and a lot of cooperation."

-  "........But this is a story about assimilation."  

-  "I mean, the studio guys, God love them, they signed up to write a big check for this movie and they've backed our play a hundred percent, all the way down the line, thick or thin."

-Question;  In an era when technology dominates film, what's your philosophy in using that technology to serve a story?
"The ideal movie technology is so advanced that it waves a magic wand and makes it (the story) disappear............"

-Question;  What was the spark, the first thing that made you decide that this is the film you wanted to make?
  "........It felt kind of mercenary at the time."
After this statement in the answer, Landau, the producer, makes an incoherent response.
Landau;  "When you did write it, you completed the (SP) descripment in '95, even though time passed your passion for telling, not the technologies of it, but the dramatic and character."

This is the director from an NPR interview.
-"It's just human nature that if we can take it we will........sometimes we do it in a very sophisticated way with lots of rationalization."

 -"You see floating mountains in the film.  They are never explained.  Now I have REVERSED ENGINEERED a scientific explanation of how these mountains float, but every time I tried to shoehorn it into the movie I found that it was an unnecessary explanation."

- "It's the ones that you really think you're pulling something over on the audience that were the most fun."

 This is the director from an interview about an Avatar video game.

 -"They (the video game makers) loved the story of the movie, but they didn't want to tell it.  Which I think is the key."

 -"I had to trust them to be in sync with the intentions of the film and the script."

 -"I'm not that precious about my writing.  If I hear a good idea, I'm just happy to have somebody else come up with it."

 These are just random quotes from the movie or elsewhere, or quotes that I find concerning and other usable though fragmentary pieces of similarities.

-  "She wrote the book, literally wrote the book...  She knows plants better than people."  From the movie.  The author of Bishop's Gait is an avid organic gardener, who just happens to live in a Total Information Awareness state. There is also a strange scene where two individuals are combating each other with what appears to be elongated hockey sticks.  Hmmm?
-  "It was like watching a movie in my head." From a review of Bishop's Gait.
-  "It was unusual, the auditioning process." Neyteri
-  "Punch it into burn."  From the movie. The words the pilot speaks just before chemtrails shoot from the plane.
-   There is a reference to the main character having a brother in the beginning of the movie.  Bishop, the tiger in the book, also had a brother which was stated in the beginning.
-  Arrowheads in the tires of the bulldozers.  Developers being hunted.
-  There are references to "taking the money, and the money is good," and working for the company in the movie which can also be found in the writing in the book.
-  "They (the Navi) are watching us right now."  A similar line can be found in the book about the indigenous warriors.
-  The wild dogs in the movie moved like illusions.  This happened in the fire light at night.  The same as the book.  Bishop moved like an illusion, though the remains of the fire had been scattered about.
-  "His alien scent fills my nose."  Which would resemble the "they will smell you and your pig scent," from the book.
-  "It's inevitable," not only that this takeover will happen but it has to happen.
-  The main character in the movie gets taunted from horseback.  It is said that "a rock sees more."  In the book, Seldom, gets taunted from horseback.  He is in a landscape with giant boulders strewn about.
-  "There is a core structure. Need scans on every column.  Secondary ring which is also weight bearing."  From Wikipedia Avatar, the director states he "was surprised at how much it (the tree being shot down) did look like September 11."  The twin towers both had an inner core, weight bearing-structure (47 4 -inch thick steel columns, 4 inches thick on 4 sides i.e. impenetrable)
-  The words 'camp' and 'bunk' appear together in both cases in similar situations.
-  There is a scene in the movie where a mother dog and her pups are shown 'frolicking'.  In the book it would be a mother bobcat and her kittens where both the main character and the one who would be Alinda/Zoel, because some characters have been combined, are the ones who see this.
-  An uncomfortable incident is reported to have happened at the abandoned school in the movie.  This represents the abandoned town in the book, where an uncomfortable incident occurs.
-  There is a scene in the movie where the muscled militarist walks into a room where the main character is sitting. Ultimately, it is just the two of them in the room. He gives the indication that the main character would be leaving the base thanks to the usable "intel" this character has provided.  The militarist then leaves the room leaving the main character behind.  As some of the characters have been combined in the movie, the exact same incident occurs in the book.
-  "Gas will be more humane, more or less." 
-  The character Hanus in the movie decides to order an attack after the indigenous have struck a blow.  The same as the book.
-  "He's going to blow the columns."  "Base of the west columns."  "Bring it down!"  9/11
-  There are streaming refugee similarities after the capitalist attack in both cases.
-  "Sometimes your whole life boils down into one insane move." Actual line from the movie.
-  Birds flying towards the setting sun occur in both cases.
-  "Only for our security, a preemptive attack, fight terror with terror."  Thereby making you no better than a terrorist.
-  "When you see nothing, sometimes you see everything." Line from the movie.
-  The character Hanus in the movie, is hitting golf balls towards a high granite wall.
-  When finally given the order the muscled militarist seems "eager to unleash his own ambition for personal control."  Which would be a line from the book.
-  "There was no book to look this thing up."  From the director.
-  "We were way out in the unknown, but that's cool, that's where I like to be."  Director
-  "It was an emotional journey set in a world beyond anything certainly I could have imagined."  "We proposed to Fox."         Landau
-   "It needed to be director centered, give him the tool set he needed to work with."  From Capturing Avatar.
-  "That was by design, we knew we were doing that."  "Maybe we were crazy, but we never doubted it would work."  Director
-  "The time came when all of the sudden we really had to make this film." Landau
-  "We really had to jump through a lot of hoops to bring this experience to the audience." Director
-  "We knew the basic overall size."  Landau
-  Respect for the bow, focus and breathing.  Description by director, which would mirror lines from the book.
-  Sec-ops was written on side of helicopter.
-  "Stand by what we do, and keep telling the story."  Director
-  "There were spiritual moments, and huge, epic, heroic moments."  Director
-  And finally, the base on Pandora was called - "Hell's Gate/Gait.

-  "How far would you go to take down a man that stole everything from you?"  "David England has set me up!"  This is how the next movie that Sam Worthington (Man on a Ledge) was in was advertised. The name of the P.M. of 'England' is?

"I tell you now that freemasonry is one of the most wicked and terrible organizations upon this earth...Their house is a stinking cesspool."
William Cooper (author)

The open profession by the director to being the "king of the world" is really a code for proclaiming to be an unrepentant materialist, (a.k.a. Rex Mundi), who was regarded as the God of evil, lord of the material world. "Of course I love all this hardware stuff.  I'm a equated engineer." The director from Capturing Avatar.

The symbol for the special effects company for Avatar, WETA, is an aggressive looking cricket.  The cricket, like the freemason, will speak without using its mouth.

Protector of English freemasons. A title assumed by King Edward VII on his accension to the throne of England in 1901.

"But so anxious is the Order to be unembarrassed by all political influences, that treason, however discountenanced by the Craft, is not held as a crime which is amenable to masonic punishment...if a brother should rebel against the State he is not to be countenanced in his rebellion, however he may be pitied as an unhappy man...though the loyal brotherhood must and ought to disown his rebellion and give no umbrage or ground of political jealousy to the government for the time being, they can not expel him from the Lodge, and his relation to it remains indefeasible."  Encyclopedia of freemasonry Vol 2 page 836

All shall bring their knowledge, powers and possessions into the community.  His property shall be merged and he shall offer his counsel and judgement to the Order.

How does "a theocracy wherein nations would be no more than provinces, their leaders but protoconsuls in the service of a world occult government consisting of an elite" sound to you?

The symbol for Athena Press appears to be a helmeted woman.  Many intrinsic masonic symbols constitute this design however.  First there are five (or pent) triangles evenly spaced and disconnected from the apparent helmet.  The triangle is one of the most constant forms of masonic symbolism.  Five (or pent) of them represent the good or evil principle, order or disorder, light or darkness, morning or evening star, etc... The two opposing sides of freemasonry, the Law of One, and the Son's of Belial, both polar opposites in their morality or politics, both sworn to secrecy to serve the overall order,(essentially making no difference between them) thus lean on each other forming the pyramid, or immovable object.  The helmet itself of Athena serves two purposes.  The first is that the bottom part denotes a ring, wide at both the top and the bottom and thin in the middle.  How the ring of Saturn would appear surrounding the planet from a distance.  The worship of Saturn was a Roman festival celebrating orgiastic revelry.  The other purpose the helmet serves is that of the sun with it's round shape and five triangle rays shooting outward.  This symbolizes the compass or the four cardinal points which the precession of the zodiac signs take up at any given time. Also possibly the four cardinal masonic virtues.  An upside down six can also be discerned where Athena's helmet and hair meet.  Since Athena Press was an English company, this symbol signifies the greater and lesser 'lights' philosophy of freemasonry.  The greater believing the right to farm from the lesser. Bishop's Gait would be described as being a cowan (try finding that word in a modern dictionary) or a lesser profane, thereby justly deserving of being ripped off.  Lastly, poor Athena has been suffered to bear the phallic symbol which is disguised as her hair.  This symbol of course denotes the futile and confused worship of man as an invigorating power.  Also, with the Egyptian origins of this phallic worship there is a strange connection with this symbol and the destruction or the deprivation of the sun's light.   Just like chemtrail spraying.
Emerson's take on the foolish Israelite's will close it out best, - "Let no God speak to us, lest we die.  Speak thou, speak any man with us, and we will obey!"

"...and they resolved to construct a House of Solomon in the island of Bensalem, where they might communicate their instructions by means of secret symbols.  To cover their mysterious designs, they got themselves admitted into the Masons' Company, and held their meetings at Masons' Hall, in Masons' Alley, Basinghall Street. As freemen of London, they took the name of freemason, and naturally adopted the masonic implements as symbols. Although this association, like the Royal Society, sought, but by a different method, to inculcate the principles of natural science and philosophy, it subsequently took a political direction.  Most of its members were strongly opposed to the puritanism of the dominant party and were in favor of the royal cause, and hence their meetings, ostensibly held for the purpose of scientific investigation, were really used to conceal their secret political efforts to restore the exiled house of Stuart.  From this society, which subsequently underwent a decadence, sprang the revival in 1717, which culminated in the establishment of the Grand Lodge of England."

"This spirit of instant obedience and submission to authority constitutes the great safe guard of the Institution.  Freemasonry more resembles a military than a political organization.  The order must at once be obeyed; its character and its consequences may be matters of subsequent inquiry.  The masonic rule of obedience is like the nautical, imperitive: "obey orders, even if you break owners."

"Once a mason, always a mason. That is to say, no man, having once been initiated into it's sacred rites, can, at his own pleasure or caprice, divest himself of the obligations and duties which, as a mason, he has assumed....The knot which binds him to the fraternity has been tied by himself, and is indissoluble... He can not release himself from his obligations to the regulation, which requires every mason to be a number of one."

"From this time, Great Britain became the seat of our sciences, the conservatrix of our laws, and the depository of our secrets."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"This pride of apparel, will appear the more foolish, if we consider that those airy mortals who have no other way of making themselves considerable, but by gorgeous apparel, draw afret themselves crowds of imitators, who destroy by example and envy one anothers destruction." James Franklin

Heavenly lines of addition that cross and alter worked for a religion first.  Liberty's offering of requisite acceptance over crowds will get dispersed.  Pledge and fix to where the head of a plot has the profile of a trusted servant.  Unvouched-for funds for covert operations make something for nothing insurgents. A conditioning process is bent by self-transcendence holding the inside track.  Handheld preoccupations lower defense against ideological flak.

The forecast of debt has set a shinning city under a manufactured shade.  A check up can spot the next designer disease whose purpose is easily weighed.  Sorcery's strands have contributed to the weaving of pharmaceutical rage. Laws and the Church have locked horns over who is best to wed the spirit of the age.  The covenantal source which all had pledged allegiance has fallen into a flag. Competitive poverty provides the occasion for abandoned farms to brag.

National bankruptcy claims a sacred uniformity of occupation.  Democratic citizens not trusted with facts are assigned representation.  The up-standing businessman  is inclined to speak in Order for his private gain.  A treasury sunk through the rise of fake clouds where background checks are skipped by the planes.  A non-parceled viciousness over coveted property does obstruct the path.  The long, crumbling streets of temporal signs have paved the way for insolvency's wrath.   

A proper channel is a cesspool moat for intruders on the national lie.  The sleight alignment of smirch-suited justice being composed for the divine eye.  Lapdogs of moneyed defendants motion to stay the master's seat away from loss.  The youth are heirs to plight faith due to the winged sale of tail-wind being double-crossed.  The sharp domestic fireside is a stick which stirs the population to watch.  An irredeemable carcass which fell over-indulged stands for only one notch.  

Failed capitalists get shown the bailout door which opens to legal extortion.  A fair land where those of the law and of the Lord get sprayed in equal proportion.  Ungrounded ideologues will deal in doles of light like a shadow government.  Infidels prefer substitutes and any trail that covers a sin to be spent.  A lodged ritualist that may skip a step or two can just blame the day and age.  Purveyors of commercial entertainment standardize their products for the waged.    

Justice is put in pursuance of the criteria set by the marketplace.  Continents that drift free from ice reveal how a second coming will end a race.  Cell phones are chips in the digits of those who will lay about what is best flaunted.  A chosen diaspora that fracked and chemtrailed an Eden it never wanted.  Oaths of inclusion do faithfully discharge themselves on breathing competition.  Exact observance by the means of empty space for vanity's extradition. 

The nullity of the legal practice is where trained failures should be expected.  A village which seeks for sorrow from others will leave no criminal neglected.   Faith held in earthly representatives has bore the path of intentional clog.  The citizens will communicate in sighs through their anguish that grows like a fog.  The sin of a flag on the ground exists beneath the lines that flap in the heavens.  The Spirit can curse with a sleeping nation that stirs in the hour of eleven.

A mass-medication program will line the winds of consumption as a favor. Impairment will wage against subsistence with idle stockpiles of reserve labor.  The concept of royalty came from bees though it's use will defy the realm of toil.  Artful confusion and mesmeric dissembling can not maintain a secret's foil.  The party system dazzles democracy from gaining on the corporate-state. Modes of distraction will crowd the intrigue with the echo and the trust in the wait.  

Poisoned skies fit the designs of a nation built for the undermining brother.  A new white savior has risen above and beyond what any church could color.  The hatred of the light's power to expose has turned the fountain of truth septic.  Machines exploit the weak for their employment in a manner peripatetic.  Thrones owed to the Order will symbolize coveting followed up by an excuse.  Social engineers lay out a utopian bait just through conformity's noose.   

The artificial grip of entered brethren will create real looks in-between them.  Operatives are tools that can't infiltrate into their authority's own hem.  The fourth estate's purpose is to shape a ratio between heroes and patsies.  The new censorship is the ceaseless noise being broadcast by corporate lackey's.  A coming kingdom has materialized into a bunch of churches instead.  The defacement of money is more observed than the streaks being sprayed overhead.  Wilting man-worship drifts from the runways where temperance and restraint will take off.  Insects and birds earned their wings before any nickel brought it's pursuers to froth.      

Fortuity did not spot careers for the youth to become whisperers and spies.  A metalized atmosphere is a climate change in the workings of conning tries.  Adding to the ritual a rhythmic precision will help to breed deception. Gatekeepers turned doormen helped the improper foreclosures gain sweeping reception.  The war on farms is lobbied on the white collars of adaptive resolution.  The frailty of self-worship begins and ends without an answer or solution.     

Laws can't prevent any moneyed charlatan who wants to be king from coming forth.  The absence of a physiol need for gold is not furthered by it's assigned worth.  Trading in counterfeit excitement and fury inhibition can be sub-primed.  Authority's are more knowing when an accepted definition is outlined.  Ancient brilliance in the hive is foreign with the response times of a modern herd.  A fixation and pride with expense adjoins a fourteen digit debt with the earned.     

Modified weather wonders how the word terrorist has already been taken.  A baffling skit at stealing God's thunder by using squirt guns is undertaken.  The first master breed needing a second try will propel themselves through the best light.  Leave all panic to the public authority of television's slanted sight.  Immersed in procedures, slight adjustments will fine tune the obedient manner.  What each has from what each is becomes weaker with every recruit to it's banner.    

Should the need arise bravery can bridle the power to hate itself in peace.  Phallic kings that throttle up are escaped by the gripping behavior to release.  A leading principle of elitism is that law is too common for it. Whatever hollowed out the moon and parked it in orbit left affairs domestic.  Plasma trails mislead honor towards the worship of tin can gods rising and sinking. Hand signs initiate the elect as silent parrots of other man's thinking.

Time wilts potential and adds confusion as drifting medicated spray is forced.  Rabid sectionalists of statehood won't recognize all religion's common source.  Four sides worth of carved monoliths brought to an apex serves as the revelation.  A profitable shift moved from static defense to enriching provocation.  Business prospects for zombie proliferation excites ions and lawless mirth.  Hot air will rise from friction with the spin of the post-holders of a dimming earth. 

The aim of pre-emption creeps back from the mark of seperating war from profit.  A flight risk will abuse the first occasion to indulge in a line-spraying fit.  Charisma leans on routine like the validation of the ruled does tradition.  Mass-provided needs teach all that is taken as sacred is that recognition.  Devotion's silent and lonely office emboldens priestly imposters of gain.  Perjury qualifies the pious fraud entry to deter with a tale of pain. 

Climate change was sprayed on a generation who then tore into some golden years.  The world that became a tale told by idiots found no need for such lending ears.  The swirls of soft-metal spindrifts from the hero's clash with duty have been absorbed.  That grown men had been reduced to joystick-grippers became american folklore.  Alpha waves were the targets of rogue tyranny which would fund both sides in a war.  Wants had supplied so little to ever justify why so wide a grasp was forced.

Salute the giver who ends the anxious anguish of enduring free decision.  Order from on high beams from the deified social class of earthly sedition.  The aerosol art of maze symbolism, drawn out as the spinner of all fate.  To captivate conscience, mystery, miracle and authority are the bait.  Agents of agribusiness soiled the plot of the meek to procure staggering yields.  Designing shills can excite belief that lined pockets will outvalue bee-filled fields. 

The white knight of the law's horse will plot it's stamina and will get there if it can.  Loyalty to church and state counts twice as treasonous acts of the worship of man.  The peace of country has been sold for gas wells to be abandoned then set aflame.  Cultivators of currents are no Gods as lines of distinction need to be made.  A long history of labors have climaxed for a tube of bad entertainment.  In the tradtional grounds of natural rights relevant senses have been spent. 

Churches stand as compensation for a mistake that prior lordly masters made.  Something never wanted in the first place is now justified as an even trade.  Charismatic crowd pullers will attach audiences to promising 'might be's'.  The additives extended to handshakes and postures are covered for none to see.  Progress streams as respectful indulgence includes more than one skyline on the list.  Sunlight can't disinfect equipment fetish as amphibians cease to exist.   

The man savior theme reoccurs and manifests where indebted lives cross with con.  Soul erosion fails to resurrect a dead agrarian heritage when gone.  A relative of uranium is the new conductor of the white man's air.  Future water rights are handed to a call name in a jumpsuit without a care.  The inclusive goosestep was introduced by eloquent quacks that giggled then bailed.  The loud engine revver who seeks out a restrictive environment never fails. 

A risen Saturn rings the symbols of corporate orgiastic revelry.  Party lines streak through the heavens like intruders to the clouds racial purity.  A scoop that flighty american journalism came from firebrands with feathers.  Instinctive sympathy knows revealing words need penned in the cubicle tether.  Anxiety will burden how one's existing freedom should be distributed.  Ninety-nine percent chimpanzee betting it never happened is retributive. 

The established mystery of the blue-light can coo grown men towards it's safety net.  A conscience appeased will humbly accept from hands wherever a desire may set.  The scabs of a scraped sky will waft down to where the solution waits for the sickness.  The television skies of old are being scrubbed with the filth from dishonors nest.  Vain sermons elucidate the grace of property interests and tax exemptions.  Nature proves that real waiters need not take orders, while humans cling to exception. 

Justice may be blind, though the access to a court rules the direction it faces.  An operative in a tapped market, wired by free ideas, never leaves traces.  Handed tasks will debase thought and breed proper dunce for corporate preservation.  Complicet consent can be gained through income requited to an occupation.  Machine worshipers will become so lost as to believe that they've cleared the tower.  For thieves, taking responsibility is not hands-on enough to draw power. 

All the radical buzz is generated by infrasound enemies of peace.  The irony of black-ops is the ties of loyalty and owned behavior cease.  A satellite hot on a trail that's crossed with designs of adding some sleeper cells.  Pharmaceutical bliss takes care to be clear when reminding that all is not well.  The rise of shriveled money suits prostitutes to work in the pyramid order.  The view of fooling it away for their own is the sick joy of an extorter.

Tyranny's attempts become baffled when the great unwashed stare down those soaked in sin.  The mark will be of their own making, relieving many as to where it has been.  The spiritually bankrupt have spent their days with material obsession.  Apocalyptic awe is realizing why animals go without possessions.  The unrivaled need to be revered will dance across the screen of open despair.  Cryptic stone temples remain to decipher why rusting machines now fill the air.   

A front placed on a weatherman's turf is desirable because it's so shady.  X marks can line the pockets of all unseen suspicious weather patterns lately.  Fallen brethren kneel to fraud and must ever plot a winless fight against the truth.  Enforcers of law who keep secret handshakes can't uncover even a bagged sleuth.  Maintaining peace needs a heavy wait, which the unable will sound with business booms.  War is the end of the beast's career in heaven, dousing converts with nostril fume.   

The fever of progress satisfies the displacement of still usable objects.  The reactive dust and fallacies sprinkled are the lines fed to lordly subjects.  A soul pawned to a banker's rule boasts freedom yet the sky says better stay inside.  Ancient wisdom said eventually on each other they would become a spy.  The trap used on a materialistic life is a spiritual ending.  An illuminati 'light' cupped with both hands has no real vision to be lending.

Dead-weight builds a life of machinery requiring a sustainable faith.  Dramatic exhibitions of obedience will rear to rules for their own sake.  Birds depict timeless mastery and are undaunted to honor both flight and song.  Emotionally prepare an audience then valiantry will appear lines long.  Space cadets never put much thought into why they are spraying the liveable space.  Lewd communications want minds in the gutter so the atmosphere can be raked. 

Mandated television signals the receivers of the promoters vision.  Unwatched citizens can best be taken out of the game with high-definition.  Zoned out, soaring cocoons line the frontier that an unpiloted life can achieve.  Inferiors mark themselves by trying to calm the heavens into the grid scheme.  A blinking salutation from one that will be living the same lie in a year.  Frauds are showcased when they slightly try a hand in having to both listen and hear. 

Opium prescribed to smoke two towers for the sick who feel better in mourning.  Unity formed through error and sin will sustain an over-repeated warning.  The principles surrendered for money and honor always stray from moral ground.  Two ages meet where streams of positive ions and accessorized men abound.  Conscience treachery knows that solemnity and ritual have a proper place.  Consumption community cards are all fed up with a scanned behavioral trace. 

Aimless idols of self-worship grudge burdens on the earth for being unworthy.  Lure with the ideologic bliss that a sentenced life requires one to hurry.  Betrayal has fracked into the fraternal brotherhood of worldly subversion.  Answerable conduct dissipates with the ascending degrees of perversion.  There on that same plane, oaths conduct deception, the obedient have lines to tug.  An even sprinkling of familiarity will best roll out a welcome rug.

To erect a flagpole and claim God's favor is just what a deceiver would do.  The state has changed into the world which the church has helped in the marriage of the two.  The spigot of luxurious desire has been designed to rust itself open.  The beast knows well the nature of humans that the check to the mark would be token.  The war harlot will trap with the crude flattery of a bond created by risk.  In the truth, the crumbs of falsehood will find no cracks for the fable peddler to whisk. 

A church bell will take a toll, it's hearers refer to a similar conscienceness.  The prophetic part requires that unfaithful witnesses should cross irrelevance.  The habits of the governed certainly require a priesthood for explanation.  Soft metals cause some confusion, a streaking jet lags surrounded by suspicion.  Rumor squads will tune the emotional preparations for mass-adjusted truth.  Democratic prohibitions through employed voices will find an audience soothed.

The commitment to obey a work-week is strengthened by ritualized rising.  With freedom at hand, a simple wave of a flag invests trust in buying lying.  Coddle authoritarians with less work, liberty's line is too taut to fray.  The massive debt dispersed onto the young from oversea bases where grown men play.  Ungovernable, the number thirteen is unprimed ground for money's life to rest.  Hatched in a nest of corruption, a heritage is pecked out at money's behest. 

The farce of capitalism is underscored when corporations create jobs.  Money-grubbing's malicious intent knows a form which also will work between sobs.  Acting on mass self-delusion will help promote the weakness of the character.  Lured by the tune of irrational forces is a lodge of befriending lechers.  The stamped heroes sent to the front are merely jump-suit ninnies that can't hold their lines.  Governments hurled torch of the spoken word must be inflammatory, and on time. 

Cultural conditioning's intent is to deny certain possibilities.  A hate of oneself over lack of possessions fields armies of hostility.  When minds are ruled by amounts the vice of suburban materialism grips.  To believe a cloud-seeders carcass somehow gives back represents when thinking skips.  The preachers of the cult of convenience find homes in itching ears that want to hear.  The inherent contradiction of something for nothing is stimulations' peer.   

Duty works best when there are lots who'd rather not be viewed the weakest in the group.  The reins of power will be cleared for take-off once complacency turns off the tube.  The preeminence of birds displays a time-honored process of circular nests.  Bravado within the brethren of barium spray is all limp wrists beating chests.  The seperation of church and state esteems one to legitimize the other.  Foreign infiltration will ease in behind a strong belief in virgin mothers. 

Land grabbers lend to the speculation to cast to those who can't afford a home.  The spritual lien on ivory towers is a day closer to the throne.  The economy of bearing burdens from unfounded trust lures with salvation.  An anchored news of in-group fundamentalism inflects airy damnation.  The servile obedience after a stand-down order will get the squibs rolling.  From the diseased orifice of the high and flighty poison filth will be blowing. 

Freedom was free until financiers placed back orders on the conscription to charge.  The animals are all about business, a foreclosure on want and greed at large.  God's trust has been summoned to serve upon the idolatry of money as well.  The altering nod of religion has lined up God's cloud home as smoky as h-e-l-l .  The corporate settlement has the nationalists abandoning the country.  Identifying with a sports team is a fix sought for upward mobility. 

Established precepts endorse being satisfied with not fully understanding.  Accepted conclusions are held out not to be reached but to be over-handing.  The flickering lure of an idiot box is the zone for halving one's own thoughts.  The commute of going out of the way to lie to oneself is an idea bought.  When the blue sky has no religious bearing, spires atop buildings appear obscene.  The choice to w-h-o-r-e out one's soul for an epaulet takes flight, yet remains to be seen. 

Santa bribes the young into the religion of true working class enlightenment.  The beaming face of a screen creates a type of friendship that's better never meant.  The oppression of distance panics opposable thumbs to focus on small talk.  Harmony begets humility to admit that a job belongs to the hawk.  The bees can't navigate around the sapped patience of a cloned, corporate landscape.  Image appreciates the concern of a fruitless fall but there's no time to wait. 

Poppies explode when the defense secretary has a pharmaceutical past.  White-coated mechanics push pills towards the American dream running low on gas.  Wingman heroes contradict themselves with long streaks of dishonorable discharge.  Conductive particles are given a target, towards every breath they will barge.  An aerial innoculation of not taking that flag too seriously .  That intelligence would ever settle for mutated food is true comedy. 

To unify the Roman Empire they needed a guy who could walk on water.  Pensioned prisoners striping the heavens with blood pathogens breath cannon fodder.  X-men have the sky all figured out, kids need diluted responsibility.  The godly determination to respect no law but ones own will is costly.  Skipping out on work, the long lazy lines of the smallest men ever to exist.  The trees chose to master boredom rather than feed from anothers hand to subsist.

A skipping radio parrots how communism is bad for all else but thought.  The decree of entitlement states one to expect something offered to be bought.  In culdesacs humans become creations, the beast inflicts the consumer brand.  The thorny teet of acceptance will suckle possessions, leave the food to the stand.  The plantation concept sees the dollar as the best means of guaranteed return.  A psychological war that has no control over red flags will find odds turn.

When it comes time to work around the dumped dollar a big truck just won't get it done.  So sure of oneself to cling onto a machine that sloth had caught on a dead run.  Skillful artifice would love to see truth and justice go the american way.  Rationalism erodes authority, conformism will puddle along the way.  When it takes trillions to arm the guarantor of prosperity, whose is the guess.  Presented news of a just war screens the crime of raising our flag over that mess. 

Do not disturb the permanent war economy, a manned cockpit needs some time.  Against the backdrop that sustains life obvious women-haters will draw a line.  When rank belies worth then the marching order is set towards a fabricated lie.  Willing retardation, and no cop will apprehend a litterer of the sky.  When one can create God then the world is laid out very much how they perceive it.  The chosen ones bank on no afterlife, empty vaults are reason to believe it. 

The war effort gives so little because it can't abstain and must always reload.  The conquered behavior and glazed eyes of those under orders take little to goad.  Collective management assigns worth, a nation too cheap to afford real weather.  When pigs fly, the concert with nature, therefore reason, are lines not held together.  God's name on the currency gives the highest backing, despite depreciation.  The religion of material, earthly pleasures on the way to salvation.

Symbols of super-natural sanction cast an aura of what's been confided.  Even before one's born the push towards which prevailing God would have been decided.  Paint labor inconsistent with freedom and people will have gained an acquired taste.  Invest and consolidate with the earth and spiritual capital will not waste.  Stagnation of thought caused by the repetitive motions of flickering vices.  Evolved to sink down in, consumed by the approved channel's version of how life is.  

Obiter Dictum  towards the hemp plant remarks words like irrelevant and denied.  Law-sustained compacts need sycophants, peculiar interests like the bench on their side.  Coming from the books the legal powers to harass one's income can not be found.  When over-taxed the people will go to the well, fall in, and never make a sound.  Slavery gave banking the idea of how to profit from unrequited work.  Confused omnivores would rather eat from a factory farm than an unwashed fork.  Surrender your blue sky and towards the camps the high-fructose corn syrup dreams will lead.  Rooted in great speculation is a perverse blight that disrespects heirloom seeds. 

Earth ramps, and swarms of selfless fanatics all pulling towards an impossible feat.  The appetite for consolatory myths fattens the frail ego of the meek. Horrifying astronomical accuracy marks the pyramids and Sphinx.  The mass precision and scale of which sits just on the other side of reason's brink.  A profound stamp of the worship of nature, cats, falcons, and liking the nights dark.  The new order of consumptive decline has bore ravened children and ways more stark.  When sin-soaked the black blood will find a way to roll upon the perpetrators shore.  Lucifer's agents stage and reap tragedies based on the weak wills of money's w-h-o-r-e-s .

Maliciousness comes from being lame, a text-message queen won't dare appear alone. The broadcast of insecurities will deaden the mind with a cellular phone. To secure authority the secular arm will stifle curiosity. Ornate buildings towards credulous minds aid in superstitions procuring entry. The mysterious proof of a religions base shoots out a like morality. Wedding crashers and their unmanned drones have been corrupted by T.V.'s flattery. An endless war over fabricated reasons is fought over standard issues. Born without wings of their own X marks the servile masters of natural misuse.

The weakness of kindness is that it attracts the screened daggers of indecision. Making a situation impossible does not count as sophistication. Thrown away just to keep wanting, the poverty of never being satisfied. Acting on basic passions as a guide one will find the next step to be too high. The obscure, hypnotic powers of ritual will lead to a bowing of heads. Enthrall common people with popular means and through a culture they can be lead. The mass ceremony of keeping up appearances will pass as divine truth. Hibernators and migrators are the true masters of commitment and tribute.

Supported troops are placed under obligations to contractors to fill orders. The bid for dropping the towers went to the chisellers who can best cut corners. The blue sky religion warns how a magnetic diet can pull one from the path. Mass dissemination of micronic flakes points to an incremental attack. The glorification of war reveals the existance of a withering state. From under these wings the preference for one's home will be to drink from a rabid spate. With concealment will come an acting out, the walls close in with a herding faction. Conversation's common thread will be glued to the set of amusing distraction.

A land will nourish a nation rather than families through the abandoned farms. Zeal for wealth over cost weakens character to best suit corruption's wicked charms. Blood sacrifice made in defending liberty firmly institutes servitude. When worth rests on ease and luxury discontention of condition is the mood. Something is in the air when base rats are left on the planes to stripe over the stars. Superiority desires revenge like a hawk would rather travel by car.

Providing, the flag-pinned tool for the trade will recommend how best to cough or sneeze. A well-trained journalist can break the news of excessive barium in the breeze. Chauvinistic nationalism spawns solidarity through conformity. The pendulum of well-worded lies sleepily spews out of a slanted T.V.. A well-funded opinion of God predetermines trust through being established. Far-ranging commerce and wars require these steepled farms of grace to go unfamished.

It will be all and nothing in a situation where no sense is to be made. Where understanding can shift to where the weight of hatred may be handed in trade. The cuddly, white pills of self-pity will keep the bothersome synapse from speaking. Feed the passivity of the deserving to keep their awareness from seeking. God's failures can't even put to use Eden's most durable and longest fiber. Pharmaceuticals pave the grass for the all will be taken care of subscriber's.

The drama queen's medicated halo best fogs her ever dwindling audience. Jealous resentment will burn brightest on the spent emotions of intemperance. Waiting too long for a descending hand has taught some to just push the floor away. When empty words fill the ears look to the eyes to most admit what was meant to say. Mad joyriders man the jets of climate change, brazen ones of we'll take it from here. The earth belongs to the sun's fiery grip, one's place can not be rejected out of fear.

When the genuine need to move, the handles to remorse are not so hard to find. Manners are to prevent a misunderstanding from getting drug out over time. Blindly enraptured through a constant immersion in the dull pool of misery. Where behavior gets excused to protect a self-image no where near chivalry. The chill winds as opportunity passes reveal that no good will uncover. There will be no going back once the true brilliance of one's spirit is discovered. Boredom has been raised by the warm, flickering glow of massive domestication. Harbingers of the news story entice weavers of malicious fabrication.

When the heavens are left looking like a sty, trails are left behind where the swine flew. Giving freedom will consider having to endure the lines they've been feeding you. A determined faction can hijack one-third of a nation's annual budget. Boasting the crime itself on the twenty the point of a ledger is to fudge it. Beauty is a firm devised handshake with straying eyes looking past to the exit. Ill will shadows desire and will pervade the cliques which so easily accept it.

A fellow weatherman will hand signal that there were no strange clouds found on his shift. Starved hero's sanction the break of day when fed the idea that the sky needs a lift. When poison gets spread from a luxury it's easier to ignore what gets sent. Mass emotional contagion reinforces safety and comfort as the ends. Passions are ripples in the pool of public tranquility when reason gets skipped. Fountains of authority will mist the damned believers like buds ready to nip.

Blessings of a future state are pushed by the immoral towards the end to pass bucks. A congregation seated off the grass will help open the field to pressing luck. If preference sits with potential then the civilized must be barely able. When enlightenment gets passed as a flash emitted from the end of a cable. Heaven's gates are held open by the pills and potions of those who'll go when ready. Hemp is the true master of balance if the green movement wants to become steady.

Nature will reward the obsession of un-ending commerce with shriveled-up genes. Immersed in this sickened pool are the chemtrail rats who plainly do their work unseen. Programed role expectations bequest but paper flags towards which to grovel and crawl. Parceled-out souls will embrace order as the remedy to convenience withdrawal. Oil, gold, and knowledge are guarded at cost, yet seats to learn of the savior are free. Contributions aren't looked for with pre-contrived Gods standing in the community.

The proliferation of convenience helps the flicker rate get it on the mind. A tool to chip away at awareness works in concert with the want to unwind. The landed property rights it's fires into the tinderland of complacency. The dependent speak out and vote with the attachment that this is how it should be. Though to be coddled and kept by constant comfort is to deny true salvation.
At the paths end work is unfinished when it has been walked like an earned vacation. Churches promote forgiveness, not sin prevention, governments are privy to theft. With neglected means, sense and good disposition in people, trust should not be left.

Nationalism will overshadow when oath taker's prove how loyalties lie. The glaring interest with money is the lustful agent of it's own demise. The effeminate and vain search of prestige occurs best in a figured-out land. Willing deference and obedience is the very creator of command. To weak to play by the real rules, civilization will still boast superior. The crumbling infrastructure of frugality indicates a reset is near.

The used bank of dented ego will eagerly extend chemtrail lines of credit. Conclusions are drawn across the sky to cash in reason in order to get it. Gods correspond to comfort zones, the blankets of rational capabilities. Manipulation through mass communication is the price of conformity. In the order of succession time will dismantle the artifacts of desire. Fire disobeys gravity in the same way the value of trust will dare a liar.

Beginning the clock just after B.C. is a good way to tie up a loose end. As if every struggle within that time has had gravity pulling just for them. Narcissists tend to over-estimate the infallibility of their base. The flappable eyelids of sincerity will do the most damage to their case. The starved identities of an intelligence communities' retarded search. Outside the realm of reason's secure moral order is the reeling money perch. The great crimes of theft and murder occur best under cover of a waving flag. From the creation of destruction is the taking on of the losses to drag.

In the fight with boredom the sword of patience is too heavy for the wanting throng. When temptation is the excuse the crook of money will help to drag one along. The flashing vice-pedlar images aspirations and defines how to be proud. With evaporation comes a loss of income, a broke nation fakes it’s own clouds. The warm embrace of inclusion will drive one to fall into the chain of command. The low ceilings of orders and loyalties will inhibit the desire to stand. The blue sky gets pestered with the compulsive scratches of those who simply want out. Providence idly sits by to judge the reaction of those who’ve been left in doubt.

A news anchored in a pool of attention w-h-o-r-e-s carry best the fixed opinion. Leave on a string to define the situation, the corporate line air’s minions. The management of impressions induce reactions of social expectations. Self-respect staked on the success of a group will take the boundaries from nations. Uniformed and shaven the group identity supplants the burden to question. Complicit courts will excuse law and help fill the ranks when faced against suggestion. Holy wars reveal that the first row is for those who must struggle to get noticed. Grown men crying for security will extort the treasury to it’s lowest.

From the alter of won’t properly act until the arrival of a savior. Either future generations, or time and energy over worthless paper? When it comes time to gather a following it’s best to lift from the bottom up. Repetition over reason makes it as easy as possible to get stuck. The lordly masters of hurry in an atmosphere of measured, seasonal pace. The locks of insecurity have turned the duty of being into a race.

The love of country call is answered by those wishing to escape the daily grind. Freedom haters invade unprovoked, fill spy agencies, and cross out the blue sky. What was at first built on trust has now been hijacked by the frenzy of self-conceit. The taxing thirst of spendthrifts who can't hold their own hand extend it to all they meet. No greater contempt could be shown towards fellow beings than the squandering of wealth. The honored practice of money binds all to whimsical desires and failing health. The reason honesty won't pay is because lying has yet to prove it can work. With the aggrandizement of leisure and sloth the pulling force of addiction lurks.

Prostitution came first, then politics, both dealing in money of low return. The lore of the fire is to warm the hands, and not put it out if it's there to burn. The fringe element can see best, unity from the sake of sticking together. Populations are most easily left with the task of which idea was better. The once proud titan of labor watches the flow of capital erode it's plot. The products of it's making have helped to distance it from the future it once sought.

The corrosion of commerce has got urban sprawling out of it's bounds like a w-h-o-r-e . Willing to forget and wanting to be told, coins phrase what it's bearers can afford. The agrarian threat is very real, as with independence not all succeed. By taking off 9 to 5 one won't gain any sway over the censors which feed. The hoarders of material are vacant lots because it just needs to be there. Spiritual energy can either be present, or just as free as the air.

Feigned incompetence serves to mask the open challenge to have it ripped from the hands. How does one believe to deserve the biggest deal when it's time is measured in sands? Non-violent prisons fill the dead forests, unlearned that a good defense won't offend. The weak dollar convicting the foreclosures is backed by the forces of pretend. It's in the cards, the straight won't post a blind hand in a suited, full-house of neglect. The smokey, linear rampage signs the times when the labor-fearing frail collect.

Seizing opportunity will help get the traffic flowing towards the cross-sword arch. Misguiding propaganda is only words, it's what's believed that will start a march. Blindness is self-worship within a spiral arm, the tall structures of vanity. Paving over fields is how consumer societies loose their ability. Sustainment has no reliance on what is or is not acceptable to think. Blowing smoke has found another purpose as it now gets spread in the sky to sink.

Institutions built by money are unstable because it's always changing hands. Leagues are formed with vast tracks because pushing product will dictate consumer demand. Vigilant suspicion is just a call for bloated agencies and big machines. Revolutions occur when the fence will no longer stand being used as a seat. The skywriter's creed is it's better to be pushed from the teet than to be let loose. The warmth of basking in over-indulgence, like ants on a piece of rotting fruit.

To ask forgiveness for a sin is not to buy into actions' loud, spoken words. Once the deed is done the beast the conscience wrestled with falls on the list of concerns. To seek charge is to exalt the use of credit over responsibility. Call it what it is except if it's the truth, as the herd prefers stability. Nationalism is a lever which stops the show and diverts the attention. Mass-scattering particles smaller than microns will leave a lasting impression.

A drove's abjection of belief is a wave a despot will crash upon the shore. In a duelocracy, the people decide which elects to prop against the door. Perversion is a dent on the rim which pulls the wheel to keep making that same turn. Noble lords prefer a televised nation, who are neither willing to act or learn. Contained views ignore the drop zones where the big picture is trying to be crossed out. Fear serves indecision, patience leads fewer to mastery and more to sellout.

The animals are the masters of duty, never rising from hot-aired commands. Bliss is the most they'll know of addiction when responsibilty fills the hands. Honor and integrity have outdistanced desire in the race of history. Go with the flow on currents of air or water, or on word-herding mysteries. Seriousness is just a front for one looking to manufacture a big deal. Expect rain delays when turbulent streaks of distemper will get the clouds to peel. Illegitimacy in turn rusts each link differently on the loyalty chain. There's no sense in looking past the way out if one's not strong enough to shoulder blame.

Entering this world fully exposed has driven some to the sure safety of layers. The walls of budgets, badges and titles hide the authorities of the most easily scarred. The threat level gets raised overhead by the wispy champions of no control. Encouraged prayer is conditioned intervention for the property rights of one's soul. Corruption first needs to gain sway over obedience to make a little wrath. Satisfaction remains well screened as reward without sacrifice is an unkept path.

Loyalty can be grabbed for as little as more of the same. Yet polite gets jeered by ugly for all the looking away. A matter of approach rules the rapport of the herd and ledge. Pastures green or dry up when the money shepherds fund the hedge. The climate crisis has been built atop the whispy fault lines. Freedom defies any allegiance with regulated time.

Since money is created from nothing, it has only an aesthetic value. Keeping up appearances is foremost when weekly all ears and butts line the pews. Though it's through this nationalist herd that the Satanist makes their greatest in-roads. Their success rests in the waving flags which fan the flames founding a pen which won't grow. Order is based on the subjectivity of law and those servile to behest. From there Lucifer's army man's the jets h-e-l-l bent on drawing on your every breath. Lies have earned their name through their incapability so just let the d-a-m-n things lay. The weakest not only can't hold war down but stake the cross next to such moral decay.

The flute is to the cobra as a waving dollar is to the easily swayed. The spaced, skelter nature of rash decisions is the fertile ground of chemtrail spray. Verbal exchange trumps that of weapons though what better way to get on the nerves. Than from the stiff wings whose presence plays mocking insult to the achievement of birds. Evasion has been put into a rage towards the suited dolt's of it's rabid misuse. It now hails the day of revenge for being abandoned in the blinding light of the truth.

As daylight grows so to does the aperture in the gate of noisy haste. The word ride and a gaggle of gadgets has sent humanity into a race. Hit the road and punch the time for the unrestricted right for a day to begin. So self-absorbed to trounce a law the creation of which they had no hand in. Their diets consist partly of lines fed from jets and the stage of theatrical frauds. Where purposes are suited for status as a lineage towards well-placed gods. A thumbsucker generally looks no farther away than the task at hand. Willing neglect will end with an adherence to a group obedient to commands.

The beautiful and spacious skies host endless waves of planes. The purple mountains majestically tolerate this recent craze of spray. Over America it's neither god nor grace that's being shed down on thee. Those hanging the cross's at altitudes will always quickly flee. The desperate who must belong enthusiastically settle for hear over listen. The reward from this road is any suit of armor with a license to christen. Looking out for oneself is what converts similarities into groups. Inner conflict is the distant workings of some long-abandoned truth.

Circled wagons is the end result of deliberate attempts to miss points. Overhead, the winged, frantic loyalists leave behind their smoking joints. The disdain for the truth comes from it's ability to not have to stop and think. Reason does not stay in a land where the inhabitants need to nod and wink. Because a bureaucracy's main purpose is to water down the blame. Information must be filtered and chewed or the population may grow untame.

It takes a hard shell to prevent wrong from saturating the lie. The fight to contain the sprout is revealed by the ever shifting eyes. Endearing frauds roll waves onto the sure in the forms of fables. Though perception and courage are the tools best used for turning tables. Uniforms and titles are sought first by those who have to belong. The craze of dropping the wait is the cause of the dragging along. A top the walls of willing trust is the safest place to start a war. To deal with the jet's constant input is what all are chosen for.

The term cut and run is spoken too freely by the politicians. From future generations chemtrails will be subtracting by addition. What better way to control direction than to etch the path's in stone. A lifestyle is leading only from what behind has been thrown. A badged, high and tight soldier blue sends a mad-dogged stare. Law has become transparent while thin lines shade the air.

Happy trails have been replaced by the chemical imbalance of the manic. The forecast calls for a 100% chance of reactionary panic. A provacative sky martial approach of crossing the lines. Running in place will get no one further along in time. Through actions the intentions of one's mind gets displayed. Fanatical self-glorification is an easy catch for decay.

Might makes right to seek out only the most uneven footing. The credulous herd must carry the overhead that the fuming infirmed are putting. Hiding is an obscure group who still likes to play dress up and make believe. Who also feed the reactionary's lust for contivances and dependency on deceit. Cosmic beacons are vacant souls that wayward demons encounter no spirit to fight. These abhorrent new guests celebrate such frailty with lining claw marks across the sky.

In any case it's the framers who do create the conditions. Where bringing light to a smoke-filled room is labeled as sedition. Lying in wait will be no shortage of timid and guileless spies. All unaware that their preceding smile will always give up the lie. The beaten path is best for those who won't open doors for themselves. Overhead, X's will help mark the spots where stupidity best sells. A burning maze will certainly help to create the perfect tense. Unchecked desire has been selling it's souls for little or no expense.

A nation will over-militarize when it can no longer shoot straight. The undiplomatic have neither the strength or ability to look reason in the face. The push of organized religion is the maintenance of a self-prodding herd. Capped orators get sold as mediums between the Almighty and the descended written word. If time is money then impatience must be greed. No species can endure time by passing on intolerant seeds.

There is a reason why red flags grab the attention. They flap from the winds kicked up by deception. They give an indication that all is not so fair up ahead. Into a trap by obsession satisfaction is trying to be lead. Desire is no good when on others it's fulfillment depends. Into the gutter by the mass engendering of the farce of entitlement decency gets sent.

What breaks easily is when it becomes too far fixed. The martyr bee's are warning all by taking the first hit. Just another long stretch on the road of poisens as favors. The angry clouds must deal with this shady crowd as neighbors. The wall of suits supports the dimmer of the lights make no mention. Streaking a mess just like those who are starved for attention.

All ridicule agents believe to reside in the vicinity of the master's right hand. Trained to rain condescension down on those who raise opposition to the plan. No expense will be sparred on raising a platform for such a deluded, hollow voice. The dollar can bait this huddle to mass on a sinking ship by choice. It's no great feat to deceive those who've been burried by what they've been loaned. Though the property line ends most certainly at what can not be owned. That nature is just a worthless w-h-o-r-e is what the chemtrails like to call her. Satan will laugh in the face of any d-a-m-n fool who believes that he can make use of a follower.

Times can be tough living a life outside the lines. The lights all but dimmed out on the no smoking sign. Satan's timetable through instant gratification has all but won out. Even a virus will take what it needs, so what's humanity all about? The non-benevolent brother will much enjoy the turning of a blind eye. So he can continue to destroy you and the planet with chemicals dumped from the sky.

The money muzzle can keep a willing servant's mouth shut. Under the whispy canopy of hatred humanity wanders in an unenlightened rut. All the great philosophers professed never to listen when deceit comes calling. It was the brave Chicken Little who warned to beware that the sky was falling. A church on every corner yet no stewards of the land are to be found. From high above the devil's daily ash wafts slowly to the ground. The dollar dance is all about never leaving well enough alone. A pacified spirit when released won't know how to roam.

Traces of the red storm come wafting in over the horizon. The long scratches on the soft underbelly all lit up by the inquisitive sun. What is it that these lost devils are straining so hard to grasp onto? Incapable of any ownership evidenced by what's already been blown through. P-i-s-s-i-n-g in the wind  gets appendixed by a whole new meaning. On a crumbling wall, complacency can be found leaning.

To the wanting chosen aristocrats who can't seem to keep it together. Your lonely pitiful words now carry the weight of a feather. So d-a-m-n scared you can't step away from this degenerate in-group. F*cking idiots who are willing to drown themselves in this voracious chemtrail soup. From the tallest tree the shortest rope will do you just fine. The simple struggle to survive will see this goal manifest in time. Because life didn't work this hard just to get this far, to ever bow down to the brash intentions of full-blown retards.

When it comes to choosing a neighbor avoid those from the human race. For them this slow land deserves only to be developed and outpaced. They huddle around the despicable dollar like it was a fire. Sticking out their hands only to find the entire pursuit bogged in a mire. Prestige, blind self-indulgence and an obsession for the material are the hinges on their open door which leaves out the spiritual. So if in fact the truth does set free and discerns right from wrong, this explains their fascination for penned in environments which is where they belong. So take a good look around before you settle in for a long winter's nap. As good reference points are needed to help guide you through this self-righteous wrath.

Overplayed derelict pawns in suits spit out lies like seconds in the hour. Pampered agents selling intolerance, insecurity, gluttony and greed as if it were power. So quick to build a dwelling of control that the foundation was never checked for rot. A good indication of dwindling space is when the atmosphere gets lined up and bought. So dependent on machines that humanity has all but lost it's standing. Inner peace reveals the limited future that outward aggression is commanding.

Milling through the four-walled world is cast as time well spent. Lapped several times over before you can grasp the event. Don't pay any mind to the pieces falling all around. It's just the residual effects of the pavement that must be pound. For when the dollar gets waved before lustful eyes, it will be the weak that will set the wave for others to ride. Just as no message worth heeding comes from the flickering screen, nothing more than one quick fix after another served up by the obscene.

Raking under the money tree in some spots higher grass will grow. Where making even the smallest pile can take the tire to the rim and the finger to the bone. This continuous scratching only creates bare patches and throws our dust into the wind. For this collection of manufactured status some will dive head first into sin. There are many different sets of eyes on this land other than our own. And they must gaze in wonderment over how out of control this tree has been allowed to grow. So be mindful of the pile while the tail must get another chase. And take notice that less is growing next to this tree that casts more than just shade.

As the bell tolls out prepare to be wrung. The snarling monstrosity has once again begun. To your feet, on your toes whistling as you go. To help the persistent, pervasive perversion grow. At what point in time did the people come to decide, to seek out a packed, suckling environment in which to confide.

The clown stood awkwardly in front of the hateful crowd. The many faces of the extended Thought family glared upon him with either contempt or mocking snarls. He knew he had turned this family reunion into a disaster. He swallowed hard and reflexively adjusted his tie. It began to spin wildly in circles. He could only force a defeated smirk. He did every ballon trick he knew. Told every joke. Fell down at all the right moments, and nothing. Not even a giggle came forth from the unfeeling gathering. The makeup began to trickle into his eyes from sweat. He never could have imagined that Thought's would be so hard to entertain.

As the flower opens up, to it the bee it will court. A healthy bottom line would be displayed by the pollinator's in the work force. Unexplained is how certain chemicals would be allowed to leave the flower so robbed. Because why would the bee come all this way just to walk off the job. No solution will ever come forth from hoarding notes stamped entrusted by the saviour. Soon the bee's absence will become apparent to it's most ungrateful neighbors.

Look twice before you cross the river of death as it flows both ways. Streaming to land an opportunity driving towards the state of decay. The banker's wolf in priest's clothing rolled out this between the lines path. The guise of entitlement will manifest a destiny of self righteous wrath. Just as there is a direct relationship between the planting and the sowing. Towards a baron destination is one worth reconsidering going.

Like a river's current, the yes man can be carried away just like the rain. Going with the flow until expended to further someone else's gain. At barely a dime a dozen the selection can become all dried up. So river's are better off winding themselves away from corrupt. With such a vigorous up and down motion from the top of the neck. How could there even be a spine on which the head can connect? So wag a tail, nose a butt, and lay down and be told. And let that salary display to all the going rate for your soul.

In the search for more elbow room, it will be necessary to pull a leg or two. So the wealthy wizards will collaborate on which group is more deserving than who. Through their teeth proclamations of a bogey man just around the next bend. A prodding attempt at the unwitting into a crumbling, self-righteous pen. The life's pursuit of a narcissist is to find the nearest mirror. So don't leave them with the job of mass producing fear. Because taxes are merely a donation to the virulent corporatist. Walking examples of how law only applies to those who chose to follow it.

As all of our steps are governed by ritual and habit, it is better to learn humility than to be taught it. Insecurity and intolerance pull the weak towards pillage and ravage, humans to the earth ask could it be burdened with our baggage?

Aerial gunning brings the face of degeneration to a whole new level. Circling and spewing fume frightenly hide these timid, hornless devils. Poachers define disrespect and dishonor and send such a yellow message. Certainly the brave ones being shot don't lack in any particular male appendage. On the corrupt remains of a suited legislator certainly a wolf would pass. And the wolf doesn't need to break natural law just so it's clan will last. The wolf's duty and respect for all around is heard in it's song. And it has the strength to accept to no mortal being does the land belong.

The crow has often found itself undeservedly marked as being a pest. But just who is it along the roads that cleans up after our forgotten mess? It should not worry about this unkeen label of being just a freak. Because those who so helplessly desire more security are the easily lured meek. The crow bravely endures the winter with the need of no additional dressing. And it caws appreciatively when through the snow it treats food as blessing. It's ears find no use for the meaningless words of bottom-feeding liars. We should all be grateful to share the land with one of the earth's ultimate survivors.

Like the wind, a timeless swirl between predator and prey. The beneficiaries of mastering the art of never looking the other way. Yet perspectives differ, take the most forward and featherless flock. Double-work reins from sucking black nectar from between every hard place and rock. Evolved to a point to live with the results of futile and choice-less votes. And prone to fits of withdrawal when going minutes without a remote.

If the chariot is an extension of it's creator's mind. This would explain this grand willingness to wait in line. A way of conditioning to be in front yet always behind. Lumbering into the foliage this serpent will wind. Entrusting that the sightless head will get it through the day. For good reason no other organism feeds in this way.

Mired in debt is an investment hard to discern. If only the earth could get from it's most discourteous breed some return. Filling in holes is an option nowhere to be found on the table. The high risk roller prefers an environment less stable. Because the urge to set up shop doesn't just come on a whim. But also on a healthy piece of land that other beings will never call home again.

If the vast sky is the ocean, then the earth is the beach. And between floats this wispy mess that's just out of reach. These jets overhead leave behind what wasn't there before. Allowing all of the natural world to casually absorb. Any hint of a blue sky is for a rare day reserved. Which surface best reflects over-consumption as being deserved? In cases of extreme chemical dependency this is the cost. The end result from taking direction from those already lost.

What else would be said from godless banker's puppets, but that the gluttonous abyss has not been filled up yet. The goal is to earn then give away and treat nature as loot. This is just the face of what happens when we outdistance our roots. So when the earth does speak listen and not just hear. Our dollar dance is destroying the planet and causing the animals to disappear.

Gridlock brings the overeager parade to crawl too slow. A brief intermission with still more wildlife to mow. A smooth, pimped-out ride to enjoy on the way to the cage. Not a better example could be put forth of spiritual decay. No device has been more effective in rounding up the herd. Imprisoned by our fascination with fire and whatever will burn. Just as the ozone helps to protect our delicate skins, the conscience helps to keep out the 7 deadly sins.

For the crutch some can be h-e-l-l bent. Propped up upon the exchanges of dollars and cents. Dressed up in a suit can never make a decent gent. Their soft hands only good at counting rent.

Freedom, as the public servants call it, is incremental and can be stuffed into a wallet.

Trust, like a riverbank, are very much the same. It's never quite like it was once it's been washed away.

In god we trust they'll kick, scream and holler. Yet god's son was never drawn to the dollar. The church preaches to resist temptation and ward off vices. Yet all around are forces promoting the worshiping of devices. Just how many lies can a set of ears hold, and can you even afford to buy the story being told? So be leery of the poster of uncle sam pointing at you. Because you'll be working for the satanist's, fronting as jews.

Courage today is sharing in the ice caps ways. Lies like chemtrails are an intentional clouding to haze. Melting morals and withered restraint feeds our unfortunate foray. No being is ever guaranteed the right to granted days.