Thursday, April 23, 2009

"This pride of apparel, will appear the more foolish, if we consider that those airy mortals who have no other way of making themselves considerable, but by gorgeous apparel, draw afret themselves crowds of imitators, who destroy by example and envy one anothers destruction." James Franklin

Heavenly lines of addition that cross and alter worked for a religion first.  Liberty's offering of requisite acceptance over crowds will get dispersed.  Pledge and fix to where the head of a plot has the profile of a trusted servant.  Unvouched-for funds for covert operations make something for nothing insurgents. A conditioning process is bent by self-transcendence holding the inside track.  Handheld preoccupations lower defense against ideological flak.

The forecast of debt has set a shinning city under a manufactured shade.  A check up can spot the next designer disease whose purpose is easily weighed.  Sorcery's strands have contributed to the weaving of pharmaceutical rage. Laws and the Church have locked horns over who is best to wed the spirit of the age.  The covenantal source which all had pledged allegiance has fallen into a flag. Competitive poverty provides the occasion for abandoned farms to brag.

National bankruptcy claims a sacred uniformity of occupation.  Democratic citizens not trusted with facts are assigned representation.  The up-standing businessman  is inclined to speak in Order for his private gain.  A treasury sunk through the rise of fake clouds where background checks are skipped by the planes.  A non-parceled viciousness over coveted property does obstruct the path.  The long, crumbling streets of temporal signs have paved the way for insolvency's wrath.   

A proper channel is a cesspool moat for intruders on the national lie.  The sleight alignment of smirch-suited justice being composed for the divine eye.  Lapdogs of moneyed defendants motion to stay the master's seat away from loss.  The youth are heirs to plight faith due to the winged sale of tail-wind being double-crossed.  The sharp domestic fireside is a stick which stirs the population to watch.  An irredeemable carcass which fell over-indulged stands for only one notch.  

Failed capitalists get shown the bailout door which opens to legal extortion.  A fair land where those of the law and of the Lord get sprayed in equal proportion.  Ungrounded ideologues will deal in doles of light like a shadow government.  Infidels prefer substitutes and any trail that covers a sin to be spent.  A lodged ritualist that may skip a step or two can just blame the day and age.  Purveyors of commercial entertainment standardize their products for the waged.    

Justice is put in pursuance of the criteria set by the marketplace.  Continents that drift free from ice reveal how a second coming will end a race.  Cell phones are chips in the digits of those who will lay about what is best flaunted.  A chosen diaspora that fracked and chemtrailed an Eden it never wanted.  Oaths of inclusion do faithfully discharge themselves on breathing competition.  Exact observance by the means of empty space for vanity's extradition. 

The nullity of the legal practice is where trained failures should be expected.  A village which seeks for sorrow from others will leave no criminal neglected.   Faith held in earthly representatives has bore the path of intentional clog.  The citizens will communicate in sighs through their anguish that grows like a fog.  The sin of a flag on the ground exists beneath the lines that flap in the heavens.  The Spirit can curse with a sleeping nation that stirs in the hour of eleven.

A mass-medication program will line the winds of consumption as a favor. Impairment will wage against subsistence with idle stockpiles of reserve labor.  The concept of royalty came from bees though it's use will defy the realm of toil.  Artful confusion and mesmeric dissembling can not maintain a secret's foil.  The party system dazzles democracy from gaining on the corporate-state. Modes of distraction will crowd the intrigue with the echo and the trust in the wait.  

Poisoned skies fit the designs of a nation built for the undermining brother.  A new white savior has risen above and beyond what any church could color.  The hatred of the light's power to expose has turned the fountain of truth septic.  Machines exploit the weak for their employment in a manner peripatetic.  Thrones owed to the Order will symbolize coveting followed up by an excuse.  Social engineers lay out a utopian bait just through conformity's noose.   

The artificial grip of entered brethren will create real looks in-between them.  Operatives are tools that can't infiltrate into their authority's own hem.  The fourth estate's purpose is to shape a ratio between heroes and patsies.  The new censorship is the ceaseless noise being broadcast by corporate lackey's.  A coming kingdom has materialized into a bunch of churches instead.  The defacement of money is more observed than the streaks being sprayed overhead.  Wilting man-worship drifts from the runways where temperance and restraint will take off.  Insects and birds earned their wings before any nickel brought it's pursuers to froth.      

Fortuity did not spot careers for the youth to become whisperers and spies.  A metalized atmosphere is a climate change in the workings of conning tries.  Adding to the ritual a rhythmic precision will help to breed deception. Gatekeepers turned doormen helped the improper foreclosures gain sweeping reception.  The war on farms is lobbied on the white collars of adaptive resolution.  The frailty of self-worship begins and ends without an answer or solution.     

Laws can't prevent any moneyed charlatan who wants to be king from coming forth.  The absence of a physiol need for gold is not furthered by it's assigned worth.  Trading in counterfeit excitement and fury inhibition can be sub-primed.  Authority's are more knowing when an accepted definition is outlined.  Ancient brilliance in the hive is foreign with the response times of a modern herd.  A fixation and pride with expense adjoins a fourteen digit debt with the earned.     

Modified weather wonders how the word terrorist has already been taken.  A baffling skit at stealing God's thunder by using squirt guns is undertaken.  The first master breed needing a second try will propel themselves through the best light.  Leave all panic to the public authority of television's slanted sight.  Immersed in procedures, slight adjustments will fine tune the obedient manner.  What each has from what each is becomes weaker with every recruit to it's banner.    

Should the need arise bravery can bridle the power to hate itself in peace.  Phallic kings that throttle up are escaped by the gripping behavior to release.  A leading principle of elitism is that law is too common for it. Whatever hollowed out the moon and parked it in orbit left affairs domestic.  Plasma trails mislead honor towards the worship of tin can gods rising and sinking. Hand signs initiate the elect as silent parrots of other man's thinking.

Time wilts potential and adds confusion as drifting medicated spray is forced.  Rabid sectionalists of statehood won't recognize all religion's common source.  Four sides worth of carved monoliths brought to an apex serves as the revelation.  A profitable shift moved from static defense to enriching provocation.  Business prospects for zombie proliferation excites ions and lawless mirth.  Hot air will rise from friction with the spin of the post-holders of a dimming earth. 

The aim of pre-emption creeps back from the mark of seperating war from profit.  A flight risk will abuse the first occasion to indulge in a line-spraying fit.  Charisma leans on routine like the validation of the ruled does tradition.  Mass-provided needs teach all that is taken as sacred is that recognition.  Devotion's silent and lonely office emboldens priestly imposters of gain.  Perjury qualifies the pious fraud entry to deter with a tale of pain. 

Climate change was sprayed on a generation who then tore into some golden years.  The world that became a tale told by idiots found no need for such lending ears.  The swirls of soft-metal spindrifts from the hero's clash with duty have been absorbed.  That grown men had been reduced to joystick-grippers became american folklore.  Alpha waves were the targets of rogue tyranny which would fund both sides in a war.  Wants had supplied so little to ever justify why so wide a grasp was forced.

Salute the giver who ends the anxious anguish of enduring free decision.  Order from on high beams from the deified social class of earthly sedition.  The aerosol art of maze symbolism, drawn out as the spinner of all fate.  To captivate conscience, mystery, miracle and authority are the bait.  Agents of agribusiness soiled the plot of the meek to procure staggering yields.  Designing shills can excite belief that lined pockets will outvalue bee-filled fields. 

The white knight of the law's horse will plot it's stamina and will get there if it can.  Loyalty to church and state counts twice as treasonous acts of the worship of man.  The peace of country has been sold for gas wells to be abandoned then set aflame.  Cultivators of currents are no Gods as lines of distinction need to be made.  A long history of labors have climaxed for a tube of bad entertainment.  In the tradtional grounds of natural rights relevant senses have been spent. 

Churches stand as compensation for a mistake that prior lordly masters made.  Something never wanted in the first place is now justified as an even trade.  Charismatic crowd pullers will attach audiences to promising 'might be's'.  The additives extended to handshakes and postures are covered for none to see.  Progress streams as respectful indulgence includes more than one skyline on the list.  Sunlight can't disinfect equipment fetish as amphibians cease to exist.   

The man savior theme reoccurs and manifests where indebted lives cross with con.  Soul erosion fails to resurrect a dead agrarian heritage when gone.  A relative of uranium is the new conductor of the white man's air.  Future water rights are handed to a call name in a jumpsuit without a care.  The inclusive goosestep was introduced by eloquent quacks that giggled then bailed.  The loud engine revver who seeks out a restrictive environment never fails. 

A risen Saturn rings the symbols of corporate orgiastic revelry.  Party lines streak through the heavens like intruders to the clouds racial purity.  A scoop that flighty american journalism came from firebrands with feathers.  Instinctive sympathy knows revealing words need penned in the cubicle tether.  Anxiety will burden how one's existing freedom should be distributed.  Ninety-nine percent chimpanzee betting it never happened is retributive. 

The established mystery of the blue-light can coo grown men towards it's safety net.  A conscience appeased will humbly accept from hands wherever a desire may set.  The scabs of a scraped sky will waft down to where the solution waits for the sickness.  The television skies of old are being scrubbed with the filth from dishonors nest.  Vain sermons elucidate the grace of property interests and tax exemptions.  Nature proves that real waiters need not take orders, while humans cling to exception. 

Justice may be blind, though the access to a court rules the direction it faces.  An operative in a tapped market, wired by free ideas, never leaves traces.  Handed tasks will debase thought and breed proper dunce for corporate preservation.  Complicet consent can be gained through income requited to an occupation.  Machine worshipers will become so lost as to believe that they've cleared the tower.  For thieves, taking responsibility is not hands-on enough to draw power. 

All the radical buzz is generated by infrasound enemies of peace.  The irony of black-ops is the ties of loyalty and owned behavior cease.  A satellite hot on a trail that's crossed with designs of adding some sleeper cells.  Pharmaceutical bliss takes care to be clear when reminding that all is not well.  The rise of shriveled money suits prostitutes to work in the pyramid order.  The view of fooling it away for their own is the sick joy of an extorter.

Tyranny's attempts become baffled when the great unwashed stare down those soaked in sin.  The mark will be of their own making, relieving many as to where it has been.  The spiritually bankrupt have spent their days with material obsession.  Apocalyptic awe is realizing why animals go without possessions.  The unrivaled need to be revered will dance across the screen of open despair.  Cryptic stone temples remain to decipher why rusting machines now fill the air.   

A front placed on a weatherman's turf is desirable because it's so shady.  X marks can line the pockets of all unseen suspicious weather patterns lately.  Fallen brethren kneel to fraud and must ever plot a winless fight against the truth.  Enforcers of law who keep secret handshakes can't uncover even a bagged sleuth.  Maintaining peace needs a heavy wait, which the unable will sound with business booms.  War is the end of the beast's career in heaven, dousing converts with nostril fume.   

The fever of progress satisfies the displacement of still usable objects.  The reactive dust and fallacies sprinkled are the lines fed to lordly subjects.  A soul pawned to a banker's rule boasts freedom yet the sky says better stay inside.  Ancient wisdom said eventually on each other they would become a spy.  The trap used on a materialistic life is a spiritual ending.  An illuminati 'light' cupped with both hands has no real vision to be lending.

Dead-weight builds a life of machinery requiring a sustainable faith.  Dramatic exhibitions of obedience will rear to rules for their own sake.  Birds depict timeless mastery and are undaunted to honor both flight and song.  Emotionally prepare an audience then valiantry will appear lines long.  Space cadets never put much thought into why they are spraying the liveable space.  Lewd communications want minds in the gutter so the atmosphere can be raked. 

Mandated television signals the receivers of the promoters vision.  Unwatched citizens can best be taken out of the game with high-definition.  Zoned out, soaring cocoons line the frontier that an unpiloted life can achieve.  Inferiors mark themselves by trying to calm the heavens into the grid scheme.  A blinking salutation from one that will be living the same lie in a year.  Frauds are showcased when they slightly try a hand in having to both listen and hear. 

Opium prescribed to smoke two towers for the sick who feel better in mourning.  Unity formed through error and sin will sustain an over-repeated warning.  The principles surrendered for money and honor always stray from moral ground.  Two ages meet where streams of positive ions and accessorized men abound.  Conscience treachery knows that solemnity and ritual have a proper place.  Consumption community cards are all fed up with a scanned behavioral trace. 

Aimless idols of self-worship grudge burdens on the earth for being unworthy.  Lure with the ideologic bliss that a sentenced life requires one to hurry.  Betrayal has fracked into the fraternal brotherhood of worldly subversion.  Answerable conduct dissipates with the ascending degrees of perversion.  There on that same plane, oaths conduct deception, the obedient have lines to tug.  An even sprinkling of familiarity will best roll out a welcome rug.

To erect a flagpole and claim God's favor is just what a deceiver would do.  The state has changed into the world which the church has helped in the marriage of the two.  The spigot of luxurious desire has been designed to rust itself open.  The beast knows well the nature of humans that the check to the mark would be token.  The war harlot will trap with the crude flattery of a bond created by risk.  In the truth, the crumbs of falsehood will find no cracks for the fable peddler to whisk. 

A church bell will take a toll, it's hearers refer to a similar conscienceness.  The prophetic part requires that unfaithful witnesses should cross irrelevance.  The habits of the governed certainly require a priesthood for explanation.  Soft metals cause some confusion, a streaking jet lags surrounded by suspicion.  Rumor squads will tune the emotional preparations for mass-adjusted truth.  Democratic prohibitions through employed voices will find an audience soothed.

The commitment to obey a work-week is strengthened by ritualized rising.  With freedom at hand, a simple wave of a flag invests trust in buying lying.  Coddle authoritarians with less work, liberty's line is too taut to fray.  The massive debt dispersed onto the young from oversea bases where grown men play.  Ungovernable, the number thirteen is unprimed ground for money's life to rest.  Hatched in a nest of corruption, a heritage is pecked out at money's behest. 

The farce of capitalism is underscored when corporations create jobs.  Money-grubbing's malicious intent knows a form which also will work between sobs.  Acting on mass self-delusion will help promote the weakness of the character.  Lured by the tune of irrational forces is a lodge of befriending lechers.  The stamped heroes sent to the front are merely jump-suit ninnies that can't hold their lines.  Governments hurled torch of the spoken word must be inflammatory, and on time. 

Cultural conditioning's intent is to deny certain possibilities.  A hate of oneself over lack of possessions fields armies of hostility.  When minds are ruled by amounts the vice of suburban materialism grips.  To believe a cloud-seeders carcass somehow gives back represents when thinking skips.  The preachers of the cult of convenience find homes in itching ears that want to hear.  The inherent contradiction of something for nothing is stimulations' peer.   

Duty works best when there are lots who'd rather not be viewed the weakest in the group.  The reins of power will be cleared for take-off once complacency turns off the tube.  The preeminence of birds displays a time-honored process of circular nests.  Bravado within the brethren of barium spray is all limp wrists beating chests.  The seperation of church and state esteems one to legitimize the other.  Foreign infiltration will ease in behind a strong belief in virgin mothers. 

Land grabbers lend to the speculation to cast to those who can't afford a home.  The spritual lien on ivory towers is a day closer to the throne.  The economy of bearing burdens from unfounded trust lures with salvation.  An anchored news of in-group fundamentalism inflects airy damnation.  The servile obedience after a stand-down order will get the squibs rolling.  From the diseased orifice of the high and flighty poison filth will be blowing. 

Freedom was free until financiers placed back orders on the conscription to charge.  The animals are all about business, a foreclosure on want and greed at large.  God's trust has been summoned to serve upon the idolatry of money as well.  The altering nod of religion has lined up God's cloud home as smoky as h-e-l-l .  The corporate settlement has the nationalists abandoning the country.  Identifying with a sports team is a fix sought for upward mobility. 

Established precepts endorse being satisfied with not fully understanding.  Accepted conclusions are held out not to be reached but to be over-handing.  The flickering lure of an idiot box is the zone for halving one's own thoughts.  The commute of going out of the way to lie to oneself is an idea bought.  When the blue sky has no religious bearing, spires atop buildings appear obscene.  The choice to w-h-o-r-e out one's soul for an epaulet takes flight, yet remains to be seen. 

Santa bribes the young into the religion of true working class enlightenment.  The beaming face of a screen creates a type of friendship that's better never meant.  The oppression of distance panics opposable thumbs to focus on small talk.  Harmony begets humility to admit that a job belongs to the hawk.  The bees can't navigate around the sapped patience of a cloned, corporate landscape.  Image appreciates the concern of a fruitless fall but there's no time to wait. 

Poppies explode when the defense secretary has a pharmaceutical past.  White-coated mechanics push pills towards the American dream running low on gas.  Wingman heroes contradict themselves with long streaks of dishonorable discharge.  Conductive particles are given a target, towards every breath they will barge.  An aerial innoculation of not taking that flag too seriously .  That intelligence would ever settle for mutated food is true comedy. 

To unify the Roman Empire they needed a guy who could walk on water.  Pensioned prisoners striping the heavens with blood pathogens breath cannon fodder.  X-men have the sky all figured out, kids need diluted responsibility.  The godly determination to respect no law but ones own will is costly.  Skipping out on work, the long lazy lines of the smallest men ever to exist.  The trees chose to master boredom rather than feed from anothers hand to subsist.

A skipping radio parrots how communism is bad for all else but thought.  The decree of entitlement states one to expect something offered to be bought.  In culdesacs humans become creations, the beast inflicts the consumer brand.  The thorny teet of acceptance will suckle possessions, leave the food to the stand.  The plantation concept sees the dollar as the best means of guaranteed return.  A psychological war that has no control over red flags will find odds turn.

When it comes time to work around the dumped dollar a big truck just won't get it done.  So sure of oneself to cling onto a machine that sloth had caught on a dead run.  Skillful artifice would love to see truth and justice go the american way.  Rationalism erodes authority, conformism will puddle along the way.  When it takes trillions to arm the guarantor of prosperity, whose is the guess.  Presented news of a just war screens the crime of raising our flag over that mess. 

Do not disturb the permanent war economy, a manned cockpit needs some time.  Against the backdrop that sustains life obvious women-haters will draw a line.  When rank belies worth then the marching order is set towards a fabricated lie.  Willing retardation, and no cop will apprehend a litterer of the sky.  When one can create God then the world is laid out very much how they perceive it.  The chosen ones bank on no afterlife, empty vaults are reason to believe it. 

The war effort gives so little because it can't abstain and must always reload.  The conquered behavior and glazed eyes of those under orders take little to goad.  Collective management assigns worth, a nation too cheap to afford real weather.  When pigs fly, the concert with nature, therefore reason, are lines not held together.  God's name on the currency gives the highest backing, despite depreciation.  The religion of material, earthly pleasures on the way to salvation.

Symbols of super-natural sanction cast an aura of what's been confided.  Even before one's born the push towards which prevailing God would have been decided.  Paint labor inconsistent with freedom and people will have gained an acquired taste.  Invest and consolidate with the earth and spiritual capital will not waste.  Stagnation of thought caused by the repetitive motions of flickering vices.  Evolved to sink down in, consumed by the approved channel's version of how life is.  

Obiter Dictum  towards the hemp plant remarks words like irrelevant and denied.  Law-sustained compacts need sycophants, peculiar interests like the bench on their side.  Coming from the books the legal powers to harass one's income can not be found.  When over-taxed the people will go to the well, fall in, and never make a sound.  Slavery gave banking the idea of how to profit from unrequited work.  Confused omnivores would rather eat from a factory farm than an unwashed fork.  Surrender your blue sky and towards the camps the high-fructose corn syrup dreams will lead.  Rooted in great speculation is a perverse blight that disrespects heirloom seeds. 

Earth ramps, and swarms of selfless fanatics all pulling towards an impossible feat.  The appetite for consolatory myths fattens the frail ego of the meek. Horrifying astronomical accuracy marks the pyramids and Sphinx.  The mass precision and scale of which sits just on the other side of reason's brink.  A profound stamp of the worship of nature, cats, falcons, and liking the nights dark.  The new order of consumptive decline has bore ravened children and ways more stark.  When sin-soaked the black blood will find a way to roll upon the perpetrators shore.  Lucifer's agents stage and reap tragedies based on the weak wills of money's w-h-o-r-e-s .

Maliciousness comes from being lame, a text-message queen won't dare appear alone. The broadcast of insecurities will deaden the mind with a cellular phone. To secure authority the secular arm will stifle curiosity. Ornate buildings towards credulous minds aid in superstitions procuring entry. The mysterious proof of a religions base shoots out a like morality. Wedding crashers and their unmanned drones have been corrupted by T.V.'s flattery. An endless war over fabricated reasons is fought over standard issues. Born without wings of their own X marks the servile masters of natural misuse.

The weakness of kindness is that it attracts the screened daggers of indecision. Making a situation impossible does not count as sophistication. Thrown away just to keep wanting, the poverty of never being satisfied. Acting on basic passions as a guide one will find the next step to be too high. The obscure, hypnotic powers of ritual will lead to a bowing of heads. Enthrall common people with popular means and through a culture they can be lead. The mass ceremony of keeping up appearances will pass as divine truth. Hibernators and migrators are the true masters of commitment and tribute.

Supported troops are placed under obligations to contractors to fill orders. The bid for dropping the towers went to the chisellers who can best cut corners. The blue sky religion warns how a magnetic diet can pull one from the path. Mass dissemination of micronic flakes points to an incremental attack. The glorification of war reveals the existance of a withering state. From under these wings the preference for one's home will be to drink from a rabid spate. With concealment will come an acting out, the walls close in with a herding faction. Conversation's common thread will be glued to the set of amusing distraction.

A land will nourish a nation rather than families through the abandoned farms. Zeal for wealth over cost weakens character to best suit corruption's wicked charms. Blood sacrifice made in defending liberty firmly institutes servitude. When worth rests on ease and luxury discontention of condition is the mood. Something is in the air when base rats are left on the planes to stripe over the stars. Superiority desires revenge like a hawk would rather travel by car.

Providing, the flag-pinned tool for the trade will recommend how best to cough or sneeze. A well-trained journalist can break the news of excessive barium in the breeze. Chauvinistic nationalism spawns solidarity through conformity. The pendulum of well-worded lies sleepily spews out of a slanted T.V.. A well-funded opinion of God predetermines trust through being established. Far-ranging commerce and wars require these steepled farms of grace to go unfamished.

It will be all and nothing in a situation where no sense is to be made. Where understanding can shift to where the weight of hatred may be handed in trade. The cuddly, white pills of self-pity will keep the bothersome synapse from speaking. Feed the passivity of the deserving to keep their awareness from seeking. God's failures can't even put to use Eden's most durable and longest fiber. Pharmaceuticals pave the grass for the all will be taken care of subscriber's.

The drama queen's medicated halo best fogs her ever dwindling audience. Jealous resentment will burn brightest on the spent emotions of intemperance. Waiting too long for a descending hand has taught some to just push the floor away. When empty words fill the ears look to the eyes to most admit what was meant to say. Mad joyriders man the jets of climate change, brazen ones of we'll take it from here. The earth belongs to the sun's fiery grip, one's place can not be rejected out of fear.

When the genuine need to move, the handles to remorse are not so hard to find. Manners are to prevent a misunderstanding from getting drug out over time. Blindly enraptured through a constant immersion in the dull pool of misery. Where behavior gets excused to protect a self-image no where near chivalry. The chill winds as opportunity passes reveal that no good will uncover. There will be no going back once the true brilliance of one's spirit is discovered. Boredom has been raised by the warm, flickering glow of massive domestication. Harbingers of the news story entice weavers of malicious fabrication.

When the heavens are left looking like a sty, trails are left behind where the swine flew. Giving freedom will consider having to endure the lines they've been feeding you. A determined faction can hijack one-third of a nation's annual budget. Boasting the crime itself on the twenty the point of a ledger is to fudge it. Beauty is a firm devised handshake with straying eyes looking past to the exit. Ill will shadows desire and will pervade the cliques which so easily accept it.

A fellow weatherman will hand signal that there were no strange clouds found on his shift. Starved hero's sanction the break of day when fed the idea that the sky needs a lift. When poison gets spread from a luxury it's easier to ignore what gets sent. Mass emotional contagion reinforces safety and comfort as the ends. Passions are ripples in the pool of public tranquility when reason gets skipped. Fountains of authority will mist the damned believers like buds ready to nip.

Blessings of a future state are pushed by the immoral towards the end to pass bucks. A congregation seated off the grass will help open the field to pressing luck. If preference sits with potential then the civilized must be barely able. When enlightenment gets passed as a flash emitted from the end of a cable. Heaven's gates are held open by the pills and potions of those who'll go when ready. Hemp is the true master of balance if the green movement wants to become steady.

Nature will reward the obsession of un-ending commerce with shriveled-up genes. Immersed in this sickened pool are the chemtrail rats who plainly do their work unseen. Programed role expectations bequest but paper flags towards which to grovel and crawl. Parceled-out souls will embrace order as the remedy to convenience withdrawal. Oil, gold, and knowledge are guarded at cost, yet seats to learn of the savior are free. Contributions aren't looked for with pre-contrived Gods standing in the community.

The proliferation of convenience helps the flicker rate get it on the mind. A tool to chip away at awareness works in concert with the want to unwind. The landed property rights it's fires into the tinderland of complacency. The dependent speak out and vote with the attachment that this is how it should be. Though to be coddled and kept by constant comfort is to deny true salvation.
At the paths end work is unfinished when it has been walked like an earned vacation. Churches promote forgiveness, not sin prevention, governments are privy to theft. With neglected means, sense and good disposition in people, trust should not be left.

Nationalism will overshadow when oath taker's prove how loyalties lie. The glaring interest with money is the lustful agent of it's own demise. The effeminate and vain search of prestige occurs best in a figured-out land. Willing deference and obedience is the very creator of command. To weak to play by the real rules, civilization will still boast superior. The crumbling infrastructure of frugality indicates a reset is near.

The used bank of dented ego will eagerly extend chemtrail lines of credit. Conclusions are drawn across the sky to cash in reason in order to get it. Gods correspond to comfort zones, the blankets of rational capabilities. Manipulation through mass communication is the price of conformity. In the order of succession time will dismantle the artifacts of desire. Fire disobeys gravity in the same way the value of trust will dare a liar.

Beginning the clock just after B.C. is a good way to tie up a loose end. As if every struggle within that time has had gravity pulling just for them. Narcissists tend to over-estimate the infallibility of their base. The flappable eyelids of sincerity will do the most damage to their case. The starved identities of an intelligence communities' retarded search. Outside the realm of reason's secure moral order is the reeling money perch. The great crimes of theft and murder occur best under cover of a waving flag. From the creation of destruction is the taking on of the losses to drag.

In the fight with boredom the sword of patience is too heavy for the wanting throng. When temptation is the excuse the crook of money will help to drag one along. The flashing vice-pedlar images aspirations and defines how to be proud. With evaporation comes a loss of income, a broke nation fakes it’s own clouds. The warm embrace of inclusion will drive one to fall into the chain of command. The low ceilings of orders and loyalties will inhibit the desire to stand. The blue sky gets pestered with the compulsive scratches of those who simply want out. Providence idly sits by to judge the reaction of those who’ve been left in doubt.

A news anchored in a pool of attention w-h-o-r-e-s carry best the fixed opinion. Leave on a string to define the situation, the corporate line air’s minions. The management of impressions induce reactions of social expectations. Self-respect staked on the success of a group will take the boundaries from nations. Uniformed and shaven the group identity supplants the burden to question. Complicit courts will excuse law and help fill the ranks when faced against suggestion. Holy wars reveal that the first row is for those who must struggle to get noticed. Grown men crying for security will extort the treasury to it’s lowest.

From the alter of won’t properly act until the arrival of a savior. Either future generations, or time and energy over worthless paper? When it comes time to gather a following it’s best to lift from the bottom up. Repetition over reason makes it as easy as possible to get stuck. The lordly masters of hurry in an atmosphere of measured, seasonal pace. The locks of insecurity have turned the duty of being into a race.

The love of country call is answered by those wishing to escape the daily grind. Freedom haters invade unprovoked, fill spy agencies, and cross out the blue sky. What was at first built on trust has now been hijacked by the frenzy of self-conceit. The taxing thirst of spendthrifts who can't hold their own hand extend it to all they meet. No greater contempt could be shown towards fellow beings than the squandering of wealth. The honored practice of money binds all to whimsical desires and failing health. The reason honesty won't pay is because lying has yet to prove it can work. With the aggrandizement of leisure and sloth the pulling force of addiction lurks.

Prostitution came first, then politics, both dealing in money of low return. The lore of the fire is to warm the hands, and not put it out if it's there to burn. The fringe element can see best, unity from the sake of sticking together. Populations are most easily left with the task of which idea was better. The once proud titan of labor watches the flow of capital erode it's plot. The products of it's making have helped to distance it from the future it once sought.

The corrosion of commerce has got urban sprawling out of it's bounds like a w-h-o-r-e . Willing to forget and wanting to be told, coins phrase what it's bearers can afford. The agrarian threat is very real, as with independence not all succeed. By taking off 9 to 5 one won't gain any sway over the censors which feed. The hoarders of material are vacant lots because it just needs to be there. Spiritual energy can either be present, or just as free as the air.

Feigned incompetence serves to mask the open challenge to have it ripped from the hands. How does one believe to deserve the biggest deal when it's time is measured in sands? Non-violent prisons fill the dead forests, unlearned that a good defense won't offend. The weak dollar convicting the foreclosures is backed by the forces of pretend. It's in the cards, the straight won't post a blind hand in a suited, full-house of neglect. The smokey, linear rampage signs the times when the labor-fearing frail collect.

Seizing opportunity will help get the traffic flowing towards the cross-sword arch. Misguiding propaganda is only words, it's what's believed that will start a march. Blindness is self-worship within a spiral arm, the tall structures of vanity. Paving over fields is how consumer societies loose their ability. Sustainment has no reliance on what is or is not acceptable to think. Blowing smoke has found another purpose as it now gets spread in the sky to sink.

Institutions built by money are unstable because it's always changing hands. Leagues are formed with vast tracks because pushing product will dictate consumer demand. Vigilant suspicion is just a call for bloated agencies and big machines. Revolutions occur when the fence will no longer stand being used as a seat. The skywriter's creed is it's better to be pushed from the teet than to be let loose. The warmth of basking in over-indulgence, like ants on a piece of rotting fruit.

To ask forgiveness for a sin is not to buy into actions' loud, spoken words. Once the deed is done the beast the conscience wrestled with falls on the list of concerns. To seek charge is to exalt the use of credit over responsibility. Call it what it is except if it's the truth, as the herd prefers stability. Nationalism is a lever which stops the show and diverts the attention. Mass-scattering particles smaller than microns will leave a lasting impression.

A drove's abjection of belief is a wave a despot will crash upon the shore. In a duelocracy, the people decide which elects to prop against the door. Perversion is a dent on the rim which pulls the wheel to keep making that same turn. Noble lords prefer a televised nation, who are neither willing to act or learn. Contained views ignore the drop zones where the big picture is trying to be crossed out. Fear serves indecision, patience leads fewer to mastery and more to sellout.

The animals are the masters of duty, never rising from hot-aired commands. Bliss is the most they'll know of addiction when responsibilty fills the hands. Honor and integrity have outdistanced desire in the race of history. Go with the flow on currents of air or water, or on word-herding mysteries. Seriousness is just a front for one looking to manufacture a big deal. Expect rain delays when turbulent streaks of distemper will get the clouds to peel. Illegitimacy in turn rusts each link differently on the loyalty chain. There's no sense in looking past the way out if one's not strong enough to shoulder blame.

Entering this world fully exposed has driven some to the sure safety of layers. The walls of budgets, badges and titles hide the authorities of the most easily scarred. The threat level gets raised overhead by the wispy champions of no control. Encouraged prayer is conditioned intervention for the property rights of one's soul. Corruption first needs to gain sway over obedience to make a little wrath. Satisfaction remains well screened as reward without sacrifice is an unkept path.

Loyalty can be grabbed for as little as more of the same. Yet polite gets jeered by ugly for all the looking away. A matter of approach rules the rapport of the herd and ledge. Pastures green or dry up when the money shepherds fund the hedge. The climate crisis has been built atop the whispy fault lines. Freedom defies any allegiance with regulated time.

Since money is created from nothing, it has only an aesthetic value. Keeping up appearances is foremost when weekly all ears and butts line the pews. Though it's through this nationalist herd that the Satanist makes their greatest in-roads. Their success rests in the waving flags which fan the flames founding a pen which won't grow. Order is based on the subjectivity of law and those servile to behest. From there Lucifer's army man's the jets h-e-l-l bent on drawing on your every breath. Lies have earned their name through their incapability so just let the d-a-m-n things lay. The weakest not only can't hold war down but stake the cross next to such moral decay.

The flute is to the cobra as a waving dollar is to the easily swayed. The spaced, skelter nature of rash decisions is the fertile ground of chemtrail spray. Verbal exchange trumps that of weapons though what better way to get on the nerves. Than from the stiff wings whose presence plays mocking insult to the achievement of birds. Evasion has been put into a rage towards the suited dolt's of it's rabid misuse. It now hails the day of revenge for being abandoned in the blinding light of the truth.

As daylight grows so to does the aperture in the gate of noisy haste. The word ride and a gaggle of gadgets has sent humanity into a race. Hit the road and punch the time for the unrestricted right for a day to begin. So self-absorbed to trounce a law the creation of which they had no hand in. Their diets consist partly of lines fed from jets and the stage of theatrical frauds. Where purposes are suited for status as a lineage towards well-placed gods. A thumbsucker generally looks no farther away than the task at hand. Willing neglect will end with an adherence to a group obedient to commands.

The beautiful and spacious skies host endless waves of planes. The purple mountains majestically tolerate this recent craze of spray. Over America it's neither god nor grace that's being shed down on thee. Those hanging the cross's at altitudes will always quickly flee. The desperate who must belong enthusiastically settle for hear over listen. The reward from this road is any suit of armor with a license to christen. Looking out for oneself is what converts similarities into groups. Inner conflict is the distant workings of some long-abandoned truth.

Circled wagons is the end result of deliberate attempts to miss points. Overhead, the winged, frantic loyalists leave behind their smoking joints. The disdain for the truth comes from it's ability to not have to stop and think. Reason does not stay in a land where the inhabitants need to nod and wink. Because a bureaucracy's main purpose is to water down the blame. Information must be filtered and chewed or the population may grow untame.

It takes a hard shell to prevent wrong from saturating the lie. The fight to contain the sprout is revealed by the ever shifting eyes. Endearing frauds roll waves onto the sure in the forms of fables. Though perception and courage are the tools best used for turning tables. Uniforms and titles are sought first by those who have to belong. The craze of dropping the wait is the cause of the dragging along. A top the walls of willing trust is the safest place to start a war. To deal with the jet's constant input is what all are chosen for.

The term cut and run is spoken too freely by the politicians. From future generations chemtrails will be subtracting by addition. What better way to control direction than to etch the path's in stone. A lifestyle is leading only from what behind has been thrown. A badged, high and tight soldier blue sends a mad-dogged stare. Law has become transparent while thin lines shade the air.

Happy trails have been replaced by the chemical imbalance of the manic. The forecast calls for a 100% chance of reactionary panic. A provacative sky martial approach of crossing the lines. Running in place will get no one further along in time. Through actions the intentions of one's mind gets displayed. Fanatical self-glorification is an easy catch for decay.

Might makes right to seek out only the most uneven footing. The credulous herd must carry the overhead that the fuming infirmed are putting. Hiding is an obscure group who still likes to play dress up and make believe. Who also feed the reactionary's lust for contivances and dependency on deceit. Cosmic beacons are vacant souls that wayward demons encounter no spirit to fight. These abhorrent new guests celebrate such frailty with lining claw marks across the sky.

In any case it's the framers who do create the conditions. Where bringing light to a smoke-filled room is labeled as sedition. Lying in wait will be no shortage of timid and guileless spies. All unaware that their preceding smile will always give up the lie. The beaten path is best for those who won't open doors for themselves. Overhead, X's will help mark the spots where stupidity best sells. A burning maze will certainly help to create the perfect tense. Unchecked desire has been selling it's souls for little or no expense.

A nation will over-militarize when it can no longer shoot straight. The undiplomatic have neither the strength or ability to look reason in the face. The push of organized religion is the maintenance of a self-prodding herd. Capped orators get sold as mediums between the Almighty and the descended written word. If time is money then impatience must be greed. No species can endure time by passing on intolerant seeds.

There is a reason why red flags grab the attention. They flap from the winds kicked up by deception. They give an indication that all is not so fair up ahead. Into a trap by obsession satisfaction is trying to be lead. Desire is no good when on others it's fulfillment depends. Into the gutter by the mass engendering of the farce of entitlement decency gets sent.

What breaks easily is when it becomes too far fixed. The martyr bee's are warning all by taking the first hit. Just another long stretch on the road of poisens as favors. The angry clouds must deal with this shady crowd as neighbors. The wall of suits supports the dimmer of the lights make no mention. Streaking a mess just like those who are starved for attention.

All ridicule agents believe to reside in the vicinity of the master's right hand. Trained to rain condescension down on those who raise opposition to the plan. No expense will be sparred on raising a platform for such a deluded, hollow voice. The dollar can bait this huddle to mass on a sinking ship by choice. It's no great feat to deceive those who've been burried by what they've been loaned. Though the property line ends most certainly at what can not be owned. That nature is just a worthless w-h-o-r-e is what the chemtrails like to call her. Satan will laugh in the face of any d-a-m-n fool who believes that he can make use of a follower.

Times can be tough living a life outside the lines. The lights all but dimmed out on the no smoking sign. Satan's timetable through instant gratification has all but won out. Even a virus will take what it needs, so what's humanity all about? The non-benevolent brother will much enjoy the turning of a blind eye. So he can continue to destroy you and the planet with chemicals dumped from the sky.

The money muzzle can keep a willing servant's mouth shut. Under the whispy canopy of hatred humanity wanders in an unenlightened rut. All the great philosophers professed never to listen when deceit comes calling. It was the brave Chicken Little who warned to beware that the sky was falling. A church on every corner yet no stewards of the land are to be found. From high above the devil's daily ash wafts slowly to the ground. The dollar dance is all about never leaving well enough alone. A pacified spirit when released won't know how to roam.

Traces of the red storm come wafting in over the horizon. The long scratches on the soft underbelly all lit up by the inquisitive sun. What is it that these lost devils are straining so hard to grasp onto? Incapable of any ownership evidenced by what's already been blown through. P-i-s-s-i-n-g in the wind  gets appendixed by a whole new meaning. On a crumbling wall, complacency can be found leaning.

To the wanting chosen aristocrats who can't seem to keep it together. Your lonely pitiful words now carry the weight of a feather. So d-a-m-n scared you can't step away from this degenerate in-group. F*cking idiots who are willing to drown themselves in this voracious chemtrail soup. From the tallest tree the shortest rope will do you just fine. The simple struggle to survive will see this goal manifest in time. Because life didn't work this hard just to get this far, to ever bow down to the brash intentions of full-blown retards.

When it comes to choosing a neighbor avoid those from the human race. For them this slow land deserves only to be developed and outpaced. They huddle around the despicable dollar like it was a fire. Sticking out their hands only to find the entire pursuit bogged in a mire. Prestige, blind self-indulgence and an obsession for the material are the hinges on their open door which leaves out the spiritual. So if in fact the truth does set free and discerns right from wrong, this explains their fascination for penned in environments which is where they belong. So take a good look around before you settle in for a long winter's nap. As good reference points are needed to help guide you through this self-righteous wrath.

Overplayed derelict pawns in suits spit out lies like seconds in the hour. Pampered agents selling intolerance, insecurity, gluttony and greed as if it were power. So quick to build a dwelling of control that the foundation was never checked for rot. A good indication of dwindling space is when the atmosphere gets lined up and bought. So dependent on machines that humanity has all but lost it's standing. Inner peace reveals the limited future that outward aggression is commanding.

Milling through the four-walled world is cast as time well spent. Lapped several times over before you can grasp the event. Don't pay any mind to the pieces falling all around. It's just the residual effects of the pavement that must be pound. For when the dollar gets waved before lustful eyes, it will be the weak that will set the wave for others to ride. Just as no message worth heeding comes from the flickering screen, nothing more than one quick fix after another served up by the obscene.

Raking under the money tree in some spots higher grass will grow. Where making even the smallest pile can take the tire to the rim and the finger to the bone. This continuous scratching only creates bare patches and throws our dust into the wind. For this collection of manufactured status some will dive head first into sin. There are many different sets of eyes on this land other than our own. And they must gaze in wonderment over how out of control this tree has been allowed to grow. So be mindful of the pile while the tail must get another chase. And take notice that less is growing next to this tree that casts more than just shade.

As the bell tolls out prepare to be wrung. The snarling monstrosity has once again begun. To your feet, on your toes whistling as you go. To help the persistent, pervasive perversion grow. At what point in time did the people come to decide, to seek out a packed, suckling environment in which to confide.

The clown stood awkwardly in front of the hateful crowd. The many faces of the extended Thought family glared upon him with either contempt or mocking snarls. He knew he had turned this family reunion into a disaster. He swallowed hard and reflexively adjusted his tie. It began to spin wildly in circles. He could only force a defeated smirk. He did every ballon trick he knew. Told every joke. Fell down at all the right moments, and nothing. Not even a giggle came forth from the unfeeling gathering. The makeup began to trickle into his eyes from sweat. He never could have imagined that Thought's would be so hard to entertain.

As the flower opens up, to it the bee it will court. A healthy bottom line would be displayed by the pollinator's in the work force. Unexplained is how certain chemicals would be allowed to leave the flower so robbed. Because why would the bee come all this way just to walk off the job. No solution will ever come forth from hoarding notes stamped entrusted by the saviour. Soon the bee's absence will become apparent to it's most ungrateful neighbors.

Look twice before you cross the river of death as it flows both ways. Streaming to land an opportunity driving towards the state of decay. The banker's wolf in priest's clothing rolled out this between the lines path. The guise of entitlement will manifest a destiny of self righteous wrath. Just as there is a direct relationship between the planting and the sowing. Towards a baron destination is one worth reconsidering going.

Like a river's current, the yes man can be carried away just like the rain. Going with the flow until expended to further someone else's gain. At barely a dime a dozen the selection can become all dried up. So river's are better off winding themselves away from corrupt. With such a vigorous up and down motion from the top of the neck. How could there even be a spine on which the head can connect? So wag a tail, nose a butt, and lay down and be told. And let that salary display to all the going rate for your soul.

In the search for more elbow room, it will be necessary to pull a leg or two. So the wealthy wizards will collaborate on which group is more deserving than who. Through their teeth proclamations of a bogey man just around the next bend. A prodding attempt at the unwitting into a crumbling, self-righteous pen. The life's pursuit of a narcissist is to find the nearest mirror. So don't leave them with the job of mass producing fear. Because taxes are merely a donation to the virulent corporatist. Walking examples of how law only applies to those who chose to follow it.

As all of our steps are governed by ritual and habit, it is better to learn humility than to be taught it. Insecurity and intolerance pull the weak towards pillage and ravage, humans to the earth ask could it be burdened with our baggage?

Aerial gunning brings the face of degeneration to a whole new level. Circling and spewing fume frightenly hide these timid, hornless devils. Poachers define disrespect and dishonor and send such a yellow message. Certainly the brave ones being shot don't lack in any particular male appendage. On the corrupt remains of a suited legislator certainly a wolf would pass. And the wolf doesn't need to break natural law just so it's clan will last. The wolf's duty and respect for all around is heard in it's song. And it has the strength to accept to no mortal being does the land belong.

The crow has often found itself undeservedly marked as being a pest. But just who is it along the roads that cleans up after our forgotten mess? It should not worry about this unkeen label of being just a freak. Because those who so helplessly desire more security are the easily lured meek. The crow bravely endures the winter with the need of no additional dressing. And it caws appreciatively when through the snow it treats food as blessing. It's ears find no use for the meaningless words of bottom-feeding liars. We should all be grateful to share the land with one of the earth's ultimate survivors.

Like the wind, a timeless swirl between predator and prey. The beneficiaries of mastering the art of never looking the other way. Yet perspectives differ, take the most forward and featherless flock. Double-work reins from sucking black nectar from between every hard place and rock. Evolved to a point to live with the results of futile and choice-less votes. And prone to fits of withdrawal when going minutes without a remote.

If the chariot is an extension of it's creator's mind. This would explain this grand willingness to wait in line. A way of conditioning to be in front yet always behind. Lumbering into the foliage this serpent will wind. Entrusting that the sightless head will get it through the day. For good reason no other organism feeds in this way.

Mired in debt is an investment hard to discern. If only the earth could get from it's most discourteous breed some return. Filling in holes is an option nowhere to be found on the table. The high risk roller prefers an environment less stable. Because the urge to set up shop doesn't just come on a whim. But also on a healthy piece of land that other beings will never call home again.

If the vast sky is the ocean, then the earth is the beach. And between floats this wispy mess that's just out of reach. These jets overhead leave behind what wasn't there before. Allowing all of the natural world to casually absorb. Any hint of a blue sky is for a rare day reserved. Which surface best reflects over-consumption as being deserved? In cases of extreme chemical dependency this is the cost. The end result from taking direction from those already lost.

What else would be said from godless banker's puppets, but that the gluttonous abyss has not been filled up yet. The goal is to earn then give away and treat nature as loot. This is just the face of what happens when we outdistance our roots. So when the earth does speak listen and not just hear. Our dollar dance is destroying the planet and causing the animals to disappear.

Gridlock brings the overeager parade to crawl too slow. A brief intermission with still more wildlife to mow. A smooth, pimped-out ride to enjoy on the way to the cage. Not a better example could be put forth of spiritual decay. No device has been more effective in rounding up the herd. Imprisoned by our fascination with fire and whatever will burn. Just as the ozone helps to protect our delicate skins, the conscience helps to keep out the 7 deadly sins.

For the crutch some can be h-e-l-l bent. Propped up upon the exchanges of dollars and cents. Dressed up in a suit can never make a decent gent. Their soft hands only good at counting rent.

Freedom, as the public servants call it, is incremental and can be stuffed into a wallet.

Trust, like a riverbank, are very much the same. It's never quite like it was once it's been washed away.

In god we trust they'll kick, scream and holler. Yet god's son was never drawn to the dollar. The church preaches to resist temptation and ward off vices. Yet all around are forces promoting the worshiping of devices. Just how many lies can a set of ears hold, and can you even afford to buy the story being told? So be leery of the poster of uncle sam pointing at you. Because you'll be working for the satanist's, fronting as jews.

Courage today is sharing in the ice caps ways. Lies like chemtrails are an intentional clouding to haze. Melting morals and withered restraint feeds our unfortunate foray. No being is ever guaranteed the right to granted days.